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Member Since 27 Apr 2010
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08 August 2015 - 07:51 PM

After years of searching, I finally found a BD III or is it a DB IV?



Attached File  _MG_9812.JPG   74.41KB   57 downloads

(n.o.s.) headtube decal added



Attached File  _MG_9809.JPG   242.41KB   64 downloads



Anyone one have a set (or 'singles') of BD III or DB IV decals they're willing to let go of?



Attached File  _MG_5525.JPG   202.9KB   58 downloads

DG Steve Skibel Replica

01 August 2015 - 12:29 PM

Attached File  DG Skibel.JPG   197.04KB   58 downloads



Attached File  '77 DG Steve Skibel Replica.JPG   194.2KB   61 downloads



Attached File  Hi-E Hubs (36H).JPG   162.91KB   60 downloads



Attached File  Hi-E BMX ('79).JPG   169.75KB   61 downloads



Attached File  JP.R Pedals.JPG   138.29KB   57 downloads



Attached File  JP.Routens (Cast Alloy) Pedals.JPG   160.55KB   58 downloads



Attached File  Steve Skibel Replica.JPG   158.72KB   57 downloads



I'm not sure on the year of the frame, so any help in pinpointing down the year would be appreciated. Thanks!

An interesting find - Profile Magnatanium frame w/ Black-Lite (Titanium) fork (Sticker-...

09 April 2015 - 05:49 PM

Attached File  _MG_9474.JPG   330.36KB   62 downloads



Parts Breakdown:


Profile Magnatanium frame w/ Black-Lite (Titanium) fork (Sticker-ed as a CW)

Stronglight B10 headset

Harbor-Lite or DK mini stem w/ aluminum bolts (Milled w/ 'CW' stamping)

Powerlite 'anodized' junior bars

Johar Rad Grips

Profile titanium spindle w/ aluminum collars 

TA cranks & chain ring (back side of crank arms were milled out w/ 'Shawn McLaughlin CW Racing' stamping)

ACME mini chain

Suntour freewheel 

Hutch mini pedals w/ titanium spindles

36H 'nickel plated' Hutch magnesium hubs skipped lace to 24H Fiamme rims (Bicycle Harbor die-cuts)

Dia-Compe 890 rear caliper w/ O.M.A.S. titanium pivot bolt / ChangStar Tech 3 'copy' brake lever

C.L.B. Duralinox 'alloy' cable housing

Uni mini seat

CW Racing frame & stem pads



Attached File  _MG_9485.JPG   169.58KB   65 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9486.JPG   185.19KB   65 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9477.JPG   201.42KB   66 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9490.JPG   180.14KB   60 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9482.JPG   199.55KB   59 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9478.JPG   242.11KB   62 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9476.JPG   243.91KB   59 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9489.JPG   230.01KB   64 downloads



Attached File  _MG_9484.JPG   271.73KB   58 downloads




All I really know about this bike, is that it was discovered sitting in a Phoenix, AZ Goodwill. 

Ramp's Racing (Stem Stiffener)

26 December 2014 - 07:14 PM

Ramp's Racing (Bellefontaine, Ohio)




Attached File  Ramp's Racing Stem Stiffneres.JPG   224.27KB   69 downloads





Attached File  Ramp's Racing.JPG   217.46KB   63 downloads

Cycle-Craft Aaron Hinson (Micro Mini)

11 December 2014 - 07:15 PM

While we all wait for B.O.T.Y. entries to come in, figured I share one of the lesser seen (non-catalog) Cycle-Craft 'models'.




Aaron Hinson Aluminum Series (Micro Mini) w/ Chromoly Mini Fork




(For size comparison, shown next to a Cycle-Craft Junior.)



Attached File  Cycle-Craft.JPG   336.25KB   51 downloads 



Attached File  Aluminum Series.JPG   244.67KB   59 downloads



Stamped 70 LBS. / Serial Number: 3 / Opposite drop: D37 / Fork drop: M



Attached File  D37_70LBS_3.JPG   421.65KB   49 downloads



Attached File  Decals.JPG   296.6KB   56 downloads



Attached File  Fether Cranks.JPG   591.44KB   54 downloads


Uploaded by Metalguy
04 March 2018 - 10:12 PM
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Race Inc Fluted
Uploaded by AGUILAR3
25 March 2010 - 03:54 AM
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