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#555806 just a little heads up... on the site migration

Posted by yardsale2 on 18 June 2019 - 01:37 AM

What ever it takes man. Do what ya gotta do. And thanks for the hard work involved

#555670 One of the last Torker MX built and I now out it.

Posted by yardsale2 on 12 April 2019 - 03:17 AM

So recently this F/F came up built some rear faded parts. So in order to buy this “grail” of mine I sold my 83 VDC Changa. Now I was told this frame set could be one of the last MX frames made. Oct 78 TF533. Now again I will build this boy with OG finish parts with in a year of frame. Diggin the seat clamp and the undrilled forks. Will post pics soon

#555534 Pay attention kids. No need to replace the decals when you only need to clean...

Posted by yardsale2 on 16 March 2019 - 09:57 PM

My point is you don’t need to remove stickers to still have a nice looking bike. (But most of you know this already) A97986F2-9BAD-4959-8346-EB7BDD3A35E4.jpeg B6AC0317-6E17-4B9D-8DDE-498B6F733E3D.jpeg 716961B9-F71B-4B00-B928-8D9E14171BE6.jpeg

#555533 Pay attention kids. No need to replace the decals when you only need to clean...

Posted by yardsale2 on 16 March 2019 - 09:55 PM

So a few months ago I picked 2-79-80 Mongoose Motomags. One was black and the other is nickle I sold the black one at the Midwest show and kept the nickle one for the wife but it was in need of a good cleaning s the nickle was green. So I took it apart and sprayed all the parts down with pb blaster and put them in a box for a few weeks to soak. Well a week or so ago I got to it. Using one pack of OOOO steel wool and some mother’s mag Polish and a razor(rust on forks) and well I ditched the CNC spokes and tossed on a set of motos I had and here she is. And the wife loves it. 8AD734A7-62A9-4715-8C9C-941926FD7B14.jpeg DC3AF3CD-562E-4CD9-B4EA-EF21878E6CD1.jpeg C9593A86-288C-4638-8503-8928615E820E.jpeg D7538540-29B9-487F-95F2-96185690B3CE.jpeg 888093AD-E291-4440-A585-A70B9A15C346.jpeg 339C844C-E8E8-4719-A335-3DCCC68B5B14.jpeg 3270E181-F470-4180-B0B0-4A60BF1CF799.jpeg 6C5D1640-7DE0-4783-85CF-4FC126AA15F6.jpeg 8E9DDCB1-FC75-4844-8E13-DAF7D94049CD.jpeg

Attached Thumbnails

  • B71AF090-0DCB-4E18-8A7A-C0275D7534A9.jpeg
  • E48C9BE3-0695-4E14-8F3B-89D899BEAD83.jpeg
  • EF1D1CEA-0859-475F-9C0F-1C1D674A7BCB.jpeg
  • D97B50E0-4648-4CF6-B9FA-6A944CAB3F6C.jpeg
  • 8902F27C-C23F-4E94-AD45-3E2ED4ED51C7.jpeg
  • E8DD68C4-5180-4CE1-B7B0-850F143C10E4.jpeg

#555218 Prototype 1st JAD F/F made won on Facebook

Posted by yardsale2 on 09 January 2019 - 03:00 AM

Here’s a shot with the crank arm on and the “wall”1977FF04-2293-44C5-A172-86E9F6DE79A0.jpeg E9ED5DA6-5D62-42EB-BD13-3275833D7463.jpeg 0578BB24-D9C3-4900-A7E1-F39B540D2440.jpeg

#555217 Prototype 1st JAD F/F made won on Facebook

Posted by yardsale2 on 09 January 2019 - 02:53 AM

Well I can’t say much on the drop outs other then crazy !!! Lol anyrate I tossed a seat,post,stem,bars & spokes on her and sat on it and fells like any other 20” other then the location of the BB I guess the a standing rider hahaAFA2BCA3-FD74-47D1-80F2-200949576165.jpeg 3C69C16A-644C-4347-89CA-9BB6A4CB439A.jpeg 9F856B5E-7DB2-47FC-B0E5-92CE53781CB7.jpeg

#555193 Prototype 1st JAD F/F made won on Facebook

Posted by yardsale2 on 06 January 2019 - 07:11 PM

Ok so I’m more of a pre 83 and older Bmx guy with that said there is a page over on FB that gives people the opportunity to put up some cool stuff for raffle at x amount a spot for x amounting spots. Any way this frame was put up before new years and the story is it was found in the crawl space of Mike DeMartino the founder of JAD as used at interbike show. Where he had 50lb weights hanging off of race crank, one on the head tube and one on seat post and showed people how much abuse it could take with out snapping on a Machine that beat the bell out of it. I payed for a spot and wound up winning it and man I tell ya I’m kind of geeked after all this is the 1st Jad frame and fork made in 1991 3 years before the company started production on the frames, forks and all the other things they made.i have decided to build it with late 80’s parts the fit the over all condition of the frame set. Top end stuff but beat up 🤕. Any way if you have any ideas on a good parts list to help me out I would appreciate it lol so far I have a old Shimano 600 head set with ceramic races a 89-90 S&M redneck stem, a larger seat post and a shorter bb. 9B997BEA-0CD6-4D54-AFF2-38D9383C8DEC.jpeg 860D1DD4-BFC7-45FA-896E-4E9AE7334571.jpeg A9916253-376A-42AB-BA89-49840164A4F6.jpeg 57B653CB-4A9F-46DE-BE31-205A2C03EBEE.jpeg 3BB90AB2-6B4B-47A5-9DF3-70BB20E2BBD0.jpeg 308F0EB4-3BF0-45CA-BE7D-095B2F9D7D07.jpeg 57798304-36FC-4AFF-8107-BFB5A6CF6A5B.jpeg DAE85FE7-C629-4E60-9ADB-D3E3825F0062.jpeg

#555147 Dates: 2019 BMX Society x Valley Rellics x NBA Show

Posted by yardsale2 on 01 January 2019 - 01:27 AM

So the wife’s cousin lives in riverside about an hour from Friday’s event. The wheels are moving lol

#555114 Dates: 2019 BMX Society x Valley Rellics x NBA Show

Posted by yardsale2 on 28 December 2018 - 06:39 PM

Last year was Chatsworth, I suspect close this year as well. Even so, its all LA, so get ya ass out here! Love to meet you after all these years...

just found out the wife’s Cousin lives out there about 40 minutes from LA. So looks like I might have to ship a few bikes out LOL

#554977 OLD SCHOOL 20" 80's class (80 - 89)

Posted by yardsale2 on 18 December 2018 - 10:31 PM

Drove to the state of Ohio to grab this frame set. The parts came out of the bins or off the short Bandito I picked up. All parts are Survivor finish other than the tires.

****** 1983 VDC Changa Long *****

Frame: VDC Changa Long
Fork: VDC
Bars: 1st Gen. Powerlite Powerbend Pro
Stem: Profile Lockjaw
Headset Lock: Suntour
Grips: AME
Seat Post clamp: Dia-Compe hinged
Seat: Elina BMX
Seat Post: Stamped Tuff-Neck layback
Crank: Redline 401, 175 mm
Bottom Bracket: Redline LB
Chainwheel: Redline, bubble font, 44t
Chain: Proclass
Freewheel: Suntour, 16t
Pedals: Hutch
Rims: Ukai HE
Hubs: Bolt thru Bullseye
Tires: Kendra comp III
Brake: Dia-Compe MX1000
Brake Pads: Dia-Compe
Brake lever: Dia-Compe Tech 3
Pads: Flite By Jonar
7AA501E6-6507-4B49-85AE-D1744CD030A7.jpeg 070C79E1-DE7E-4E05-8D9F-005135841B6C.jpeg 812C84C8-1CA8-4772-8C52-70AC84AAFEF5.jpeg F9B582E6-C8E1-40BB-A3D0-08428CBE0459.jpeg 95F556BC-9466-4AF3-A2AC-184A1752F1B8.jpeg A769EB5B-EDD8-44D0-B9E0-56EBECF882FF.jpeg 568F7831-7B0E-42BD-9389-4AA0F408BB90.jpeg E0700D91-D8E2-4862-B90B-AD163F8117F2.jpeg 7862AD48-A604-462F-8638-7FC03581DBED.jpeg 714C74C5-9767-44B1-8F29-835B3FFD152F.jpeg D17A0A44-698F-4FF2-8019-EB2FBA4E93C1.jpeg EF265B81-A691-4697-A909-A01486A0E6E7.jpeg 8D0981F1-EF94-4B7F-8A32-19C1E01B3C7B.jpeg

#554956 SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1996 & Earlier)

Posted by yardsale2 on 17 December 2018 - 09:30 PM

Well she’s has some bruises but I still love her. Looked over the web and chatted with a few who know and from what I was told the stickers Olay came around for a short time. Black and Gold
******1980 Torker Eddy King******

Frame:Torker Eddy King
Fork: Torker
Handlebars: Torker
Stem:Torker 4 bolt ultra
Grips: Oakley 3 I added
Headset: Tange
Cranks: 3pcs Takagi Tourney 175mm
BB: Tange LB
Pedals:Shimano DX
Seat: Uni
Brake: Dia-Compe 1080
Lever:Dia-Compe MX
Wheels: UKAI 20-1-3/8 LA
Hubs: Sunshine
Plate:Teamcycle NBL plate

EDBDE65C-8B44-4971-B69C-FB9C3C2537D0.jpeg A54058A6-7612-49F1-994D-AA3FA1302644.jpeg C0ECAA28-A8AF-4652-BC65-845A9F501372.jpeg 6187A6A8-BD24-4982-816A-E0FCFB99882B.jpeg AFFDFD0F-1D1C-4C53-8A5E-85751AFE447C.jpeg 2790DA38-9DFF-490C-B725-2FC46F2FEEF8.jpeg C894E2E4-E6EE-4FBF-936B-E4FE1E608451.jpeg 1D542C67-E670-451B-A0D0-FC0EFD4F22B7.jpeg 3E24F1F0-CF8C-487B-8EDC-6CE48B592461.jpeg 023150AC-FA3A-4C29-ABB7-2D4766821A74.jpeg 7A773BC7-E407-465E-A09F-61151CBD7D23.jpeg 2A869F3E-6E02-478B-9765-003D8A7BB24A.jpeg D4E82374-5C10-4967-9486-BDDDF75749C8.jpeg FF2B870D-DEAE-4F33-B674-A4DA867D10BD.jpeg D68D846C-E705-4EF1-A7D4-C687163D128F.jpeg F93A129D-CA75-4720-A308-83AC9288F96C.jpeg A3E23503-DF5C-446A-9134-915BD5C101F2.jpeg

#554947 OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch 70's (1979 and earlier)

Posted by yardsale2 on 17 December 2018 - 05:26 PM

Got this one less then 3 weeks ago from the OG owner that got in to a bit of well money issues. Been after it for many years and got the opportunity and didn’t pass it up

******1979 Mongoose Moro-Mag******
Frame: Blue Mongoose Moto-Mag
Forks:Tange TX-1200
Bars:Fluted Tuff neck
Stem:Blue Tuff-Neck Pro model
Grips: Ame (newer)
Cranks: 3-PCs Takagi Tourney
BB: Tange LB
Pedals: Blue KKT Lighting
Seat:Blue Kasimax MX
Seat post: Blue Fluted Tuff-Neck
Post clamp: Tuff-Neck
Mags: Skyway Tuff II freewheel
Tires: Blue comp II
Plate: MICH-15681D93721E-D016-4FB5-A7C4-A3409AB1CB5D.jpeg A88A1F82-538B-4BB2-A2BC-8B538E28DA0E.jpeg B2E7C4A2-A84F-4E6C-A22B-3A392DEFAE14.jpeg 37FC64E5-894E-45C0-94E3-969F4E176A4C.jpeg B7B2B7A4-65FE-41AA-8241-4E1002086D02.jpeg 53EA3F98-3B78-4D49-B235-A6AD33796109.jpeg C1A4B5EF-3093-422C-82B6-E41F40C1F37B.jpeg 39072CA5-16ED-4230-9168-46B7478D69DC.jpeg 5BF6627D-D9CC-4182-B4EA-93A8098403A6.jpeg 30D693DF-59D6-4EDA-A16A-807A11D30176.jpeg 73295769-DD75-452F-9620-4DA878AD0463.jpeg

#554946 OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch 70's (1979 and earlier)

Posted by yardsale2 on 17 December 2018 - 05:15 PM

Got this one from a collector this fall and she is a beauty for sure. The 1st and only year for this color on the Scrambler.
*******1975 Schwinn Scrambler******

Frame: Schwinn
Forks: Black Ashtubla
Bars: Schwinn Box Bars
Grips:Hunt Wilde
Headset :Schwinn
Seatpost clamp :S stamped Schwinn
Seatpost :Schwinn
Seat: Schwinn
Brakes: Rear coster bendix 76
Brake pads :N/A
Bottombracket :Schwinn
Cranks :Ashtubla
Chainring : Schwinn
Chainring bolts :NA
Disc : Unknown
Chain :OG
Hubs :R-Bendix F-ACS dated 75
Spokes : HD OG
Rims : Schwinn S2
Freewheel :N/A
Tires : Schwinn Scrambler S2
Pedals: Schwinn
Pads : Scrambler1A1053E2-BCF3-4513-912F-FCBBD8E41CE6.jpeg 3804158E-EFA2-49F0-BB84-D47ACC2132DB.jpeg 508A820E-B590-436C-81E1-8D3EFCB73183.jpeg 4254653F-7CB2-4BBB-B73C-09FC053B2BCA.jpeg 24B3B0DC-02AB-47CE-933C-C99C7D7EC212.jpeg A4C142E6-922A-4807-9F9E-404A14A8C57F.jpeg E2AC16A6-6512-4695-A3F1-89A6425E762E.jpeg D1AD49D5-8CA5-47B8-9C52-7785DC747C88.jpeg CB5AB0B4-3E87-4321-9153-FF5D52A3F71B.jpeg E3039518-2A46-4975-A27A-79FEB73C1545.jpeg 3E99C194-ABD9-4C23-B11C-5A8A4FFADBFF.jpeg 3D46E747-32F7-456B-93E9-B95D782398B2.jpeg

#554945 SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1996 & Earlier)

Posted by yardsale2 on 17 December 2018 - 05:05 PM

As found in the spring from 2nd owner who sold it for the 1st owners family. Trying to sort out the year has been a tough one lol and the only thing missing is the front reflector that I will find one day.

*******1976 Webco Team Replica*******

Frame: Webco
Fork: Tange TX-500
Bars: DG alloy
Stem: Dayed 77 Ashtubla
Grips: 1st Gen Oakley 1’s
Headset : Tange
Seatpost clamp: Steel
Seatpost : Fluted
Seat: Quilted Viscount
Brakes: Dated 76 Bendix
Brake pads : N/A
Bottombracket : ?
Cranks : Dated 77 Ashtblula
Chainring : Webco
Chainring bolts : N/A
Disc : N/A
Chain : Old
Hubs : N/A
Spokes : Wheelsmith (new)
Rims : Dale Enterprise MX-60
Freewheel :N/A
Tires : Chang Shin 20x2.125
Pads : N/A
Plate: Hunt Wilde
486457AF-DAAB-4342-BB37-4ECF82EAA7EB.jpeg 0CEA1DE7-48F8-4812-8739-ED5182557B91.jpeg 41D2FD58-E7BB-4A4E-87F9-923471358F61.jpeg B0473949-7DA1-4881-A688-BCBB01F0AADC.jpeg 0B355B6E-F84F-45FB-8C16-4AA789DB7FFE.jpeg 96F3BD14-B92E-4DC8-A8A3-046653D04830.jpeg 5DD88D38-9B50-44AB-8ABC-0F08D40836BE.jpeg 216AC39B-B7C2-4555-B183-37C300E8369F.jpeg C262916C-CA7E-45EA-B5D4-4A4D7709B508.jpeg 2794EE58-76AC-44E3-BE64-F3B0ABDEDC57.jpeg 80E73601-1364-42CC-8096-AF8C1F6BE37F.jpeg CC41400C-082B-4CB3-917B-347C6CF0D7CD.jpeg CB65C086-70BC-4924-8129-B7430F221DA4.jpeg

Attached Thumbnails

  • 07F0DDB7-0115-4486-9607-CF2EE4286C1B.jpeg

#554849 A good friend had them Sunday Blues. Brought this to my door

Posted by yardsale2 on 09 December 2018 - 10:45 PM

E672BA2F-D370-4D23-94AE-E90375B0C379.jpeg F1F9E0AF-AB31-4996-A0A7-C296184BB251.jpeg


Uploaded by akcuda
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Pad Set

Supercross Supercross nylon
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