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Sweet rare literature / decal / seat clamp pickup

11 July 2012 - 10:52 PM

At this last Society Reunion show I brought my bikes to display. One of them was my 26" Prodyne.

As I was hanging out by my bikes, I was approached by Larry Barker's son! Larry Barker was the creator of the Prodyne and close friend with Jim Melton.

As I was talking with him he asked me about my black Prodyne seat clamp. These seat post clamps are extremely hard to find and I only know of 3 out there in collectors hands.

He mentioned he had a red clamp that would look great on my bike. so after a nice talk and exchange of information I was able to talk with him via email since the show

I received a cool package from him today! I got a NOS red Prodyne clamp. NOS Prodyne frame decals, Original Prodyne - Larry Barker business card. Original sales brochure and dealership pricing sheet!

I am super happy and I am stoked to add this stuff to my collection! I now own two prodyne seat clamps and will swap out my black one with the red one.

I also learned by the literature that Larry had a Fork in R&D for the Prodyne cruisers. I do not think any sold but would be cool to see what they would have looked like!

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My bike with black clamp

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BMX Society Reunion Posters

14 June 2012 - 02:12 AM

I did not know where to post this but I thought it was worthy of sharing with you guys.

The preregister posters are super dope in my opinion and the fact that talented Chromey does the artwork makes them even cooler. I felt that they needed framing

I got these frames off amazon.com for 6.99 each. they are pretty dang nice with glass for that price. I think they look awesome framed

the frames


How they look

Posted Image

Just thought I would share in case some of you guys are looking into doing something similar to yours.

First completed bike build 2012 - 1980 26" DG Vulcan

24 April 2012 - 09:05 PM

This is my first completed bike build of 2012.

On this build I decided to do something different than the typical Yellow DG that you see built up. Most of the time guys will build them with blue rims, blue chain ring, pedals etc. I wanted to make it different from the norm.

On this build I went a bit "Anal" for year of parts. Most of my builds I use the typical 2 year rule. If the part is around the 2 year mark, I will use it (with some exceptions)

For this build I based all parts with a 1 year + or - around the frame, 1980.
so all the parts are either from 1979,1980 or 1981

Here is the parts breakdown

FRAME/FORK.............DG 26" Vulcan (1980)

HEADSET................Tange MX3 (Ad in 1980 BMX action)

HEADSET LOCK...........Blue Suntour (Ad in 1981 BMX action)

STEM...................Tuf Neck patent pending (Ads seen in 79 BMX action)

BARS...................Early no knurling GT cruiser bars (Available 1981)

GRIPS..................Black Oakley 2's (Ads in 80 and 81 BMX action)

BRAKE LEVER.............Dia Compe straight (1981 stamped)

BRAKE CABLE.............Yellow Terry cable with black boot (Ad in 1980 BMX action)

BRAKE CALIPER...........Dia compe MX1000 (1981 stamped)

BRAKE PADS..............Skyway with blue fins (Ad in 1981 BMX Plus)

SEAT....................Elina Super pro (1980 stamped)

SEAT POST...............Early no stamp GT post (nos pior to install) (Available 1981)

SEAT CLAMP..............Dia compe 2 pc (ad in 1980 BMX action)

RIMS....................26 x 1.75 Araya 7X (nos prior to build) (introduced 1980 per Araya website)

HUBS....................Shimano Dura Ace (nos prior to build) ("E" stamped = 1980)

TIRES...................26 X 1.75 Yellow label COMP III (introduced 1981)

CRANKS..................Shimano Dura Ace 175mm with One Key ("D" Stamped = 1979)

CHAIN RING..............Shimano 39T 3/32" ("F" Stamped = 1981)

BOTTOM BRACKET.............VDC sealed (Ad found 1980 BMX action)

PEDALS.................Demco Futura 9/16 with RARE Ti spindles (original finish) (1979/1980)

CHAIN..................Sedis Sport 3/32" (racers started using sedisport around 1980)

PADS...................Original DG snap pads

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The Bike Gallery in Portland was one of the largest DG dealers. I acquired the frame while I lived in AZ and I recently moved back to Portland, Oregon. The DG fits wonderfully back at home.

The Inspiration for the number I used on the number plate came from this photo, the guy in the middle is racing a 26" DG vulcan, silver wheels so I went with his number

Some updates - Prodyne

14 April 2012 - 08:40 PM

Since the BMX Society show in June is the JMC's reunion I thought I would share my Prodyne. Its not "technically" a JMC but is definitely a close relative.

For any members who are not familiar with Prodyne, check out the link below to the University of BMX link that explains all you need to know about the brand.


We finally have some sunshine here in Oregon so I thought I would post a updated pictures of my bike to share.

Most of you have seen this submitted in the 2011 BOTY competition but I finally found the last 2 missing pieces of the Prodyne Puzzle so I am stoked!

First is the really rare Prodyne clamp, I guess they was a small amount of these made but never really advertised to sell. So far that I know of there is only 3 of these clamps accounted for.
Also I finally found some original Prodyne cruiser bars, not as rare as the frames or clamp but still very hard to find original ones.

I think the black seat clamp looks pretty good in contrast with the black seat and black tires.

If anyone has no seen this yet and want to see the parts description you can see the part description and breakdown in the BOTY submission


This is one of the bikes I am bringing to the show with me.

VDC bottom bracket - Timeline

09 March 2012 - 07:57 PM

Does anyone know the year or timeline of a VDC bottom bracket?

it is squared tapered spindle

any help would be appreciated


Uploaded by RipVanWinkle
23 June 2011 - 05:34 AM
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Fork Only

Speedo Single Drop out
Uploaded by Larock
10 March 2010 - 03:46 AM
722 Views · 0 Comments
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