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In Topic: Merry Christmas, BMX Society

27 December 2018 - 03:24 AM

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight.


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"It's a major award!"

And to all a good night.

In Topic: OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch 70's (1979 and earlier)

23 December 2018 - 01:57 AM

 1976 FMF JW (Jeff Ward.) Replica.





*** All parts in used condition with the original finish unless otherwise specified. ***   


This is a 1976 FMF JW replica mild steel frame. I got it complete from another collector. I then made very few changes to it to make it more to my mind’s eye. The understanding is that JW stands for Jeff Ward. I’ll go with that.



Frame: FMF JW Replica. Serial # FJC0**.  (Repainted)      

Fork: Redline. (Chromed no longer nickle.) 

Bars: Matthews.

Stem: Ashtabula BMX non-stamped, Schwinn spec.

Head set: Schwinn approved Tange.

Grips: Hunt Wilde.

Seat: Schwinn approved 10 speed type saddle.

Seat post: Schwinn 13/16.

Seat post clamp: Schwinn

Cranks: Ashtabula BMX 6.5 inch non stamped.

Sprocket: Schwinn Mag type.

Pedals: Union Rat Trap. (Welded braces.)

Chain: Sedis.

Bottom bracket set: Schwinn approved Tange.

Rims: ARAYA, 20x2.125 steel, chrome.

Hubs: Front, Shimano MX.

           Rear,  Shimano “Coaster Brake” 36 hole low flange.

Spokes/nipples:  .120 gauge. / Chrome plated brass.

Tires: Ching Shin C-183 20x2.125 front 20x1.75 rear.

Extras and incidentals: Sewn on, snap type cross bar pad. Preston Petty oval number plate. Reproduction frame stickers. Reproduction FMF BMX sticker on the number plate. All other stickers vintage originals.


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In Topic: BOTY what can I submit... it's just a few weeks away?

03 December 2018 - 09:48 PM

I actually do have a bike to throw into the mix this year. Not in it to win it but I can't stay away. So onward into the fog! :rockout:

In Topic: 2018 pick ups and finishes

23 November 2018 - 07:22 PM

Slacker! Build a bike why don't cha! Geez!

In Topic: SoCal movie trailer “Age Of Summer”

10 September 2018 - 06:57 PM


Here's a question: Back in the day, we always referred to the PK Ripper as a PK. In this trailer, the kid refers to it as a Ripper.

What did you all call it?

We called it Ripper mostly but PK was standard too.


On a related note, the movie is set in SoCal in 1986, right? Dude at the beach that thought Minnesota was a city said something like "Ripper. We dont have those around here" while stroking the down tube. Uhhhh ok, the birth place of BMX, California, didnt have PK Rippers?? :ROTFLMAO:



Yea "we don't have those around here". And I don't if they are made less than 10 miles away! :oof:

Cook Bros. Racing

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12 April 2010 - 05:53 PM
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Rear Brake

Joe's Canti
Uploaded by keep_it_warm
02 February 2010 - 01:07 AM
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