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Sorry to share the news that Bobby Cook has passed...

21 February 2019 - 03:56 PM

Yes, friends the sad news made the rounds last evening. Bobby Cook reportedly had a stroke yesterday and could not be revived.


Condolences to the Cook family.  Bobby was a regular at pretty much all local BMX events in the LA area, so his presence will be missed.


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** Buy GJS Shirts Here **

14 February 2019 - 02:54 AM

Shirts are back in stock and there is a new website specifically for GJS stuff:




Here's the 1st generation GJS graphic shirt:


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Here's the Freestyle art, adapted to a shirt:


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And here's the first generation race graphics on a long sleeve shirt.


Attached File  LongSleeve_shirt_GJS_Web_store.jpg   283KB   1 downloads


Finally, here's the decal pack:

Attached File  GJS_4_sticker_pack.jpg   88.01KB   1 downloads



You will find all this on the website.

Early Stick Tail Quadangle Quick Guide

10 February 2019 - 07:59 PM

Thanks to Jon, Brian and Shane for input on this...  Jon had a stick tail database that although lost in a computer crash, still yielded some "guide post" dates.  This is an evolving process but this graphic represents the fundamentals of the early Quadangle Stick Tail era from 1982 to late 1985.


So the attached image is meant to be a "quick guide" for the early stick tail Quadangle era - from 1982 to LATE 1985.

One interesting thing about the stick tail era is a switch to a more standardized and detailed serial number format. This helps us see that frame changes did not end nor begin cleanly on Dec 31st and Jan 1st.  :lol:


I'm going to share some serial information provided by Jon, but we should bear in mind that this is based on serials collected and there may well be other examples that would push these dates around a bit.


That said, the first iteration of the 4130 Chromoly stick tail was short lived and they went to Reynolds quickly. Jon Hoffman had a stick tail database that was lost in a computer melt down, but stand out details include that the earliest 4130 stick tail Jon had logged was serialed with a Sept 82 date. Conversely the earliest Reynolds that Jon was able to log was March, 1983. So with current evidence we can see that the earliest stick tails were 4130 and went from at least 9/82 to around March of 1983. Then they went to Reynolds and that went until the return to 4130 and a design change in late 1985.






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Quadangle build variations

05 February 2019 - 02:24 AM

Attached File  Steve_quadangle_kansas_tuff_wheels.jpg   328.66KB   2 downloads

I've been wanting to mock this up since my buddy, that used to own this bike, found pics of himself with graphite tuffs on it.


Attached File  Steve_quadangle_kansas.jpg   90.57KB   2 downloads

I happen to have some on deck, so thought it'd be fun to throw the tuffs on and take it for a spin. 


My old buddy has pics of himself with this quad on spokes and the tuffs.  I'm including the tuffs photos. 


It's fun to try different build variations.  I think I might do this more often just for variety's sake. 



Attached File  Darrell_Wheelie_Quadangle_graphites.jpg   82.37KB   2 downloadsAttached File  Darrell_vs_Copeland_Quadangle_graphites.jpg   143.84KB   2 downloads

In 1978 Stu Thomsen won the World's on a GJS - this is that frame

04 February 2019 - 04:31 PM

This is from a conversation on the GJS So Cal page on Facebook.


Jeff has been dropping some gems, including things like Scot Breithaupt designed the GJS logo, and now a little history lesson on the frame, that formerly belonged to Stu and it's the one that he won the World's on, in 1978.  Jeff's dad, George Utterback decided to chrome it when Stu turned it back in. But it's been in this state since back in the day and in the Utterback's personal collection. 


Attached File  GJS_stu_frame_utterback_FB_comment.png   682.41KB   2 downloads


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