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FMF everything, all things Flying Machine Factory

03 December 2018 - 08:33 PM

A thread for FMF BMX Division




Attached File  FMF_hat_Dec_77_bmxa.png   276.58KB   3 downloads

as seen in Dec 77 BMXA


Sept 1976 FMF Ad

Attached File  9_76_FMF.ad.jpg   127.17KB   3 downloads


FMF ice block marketing moment

Attached File  FMF_iceblock_marked.jpg   110.65KB   3 downloads


Scot doing FMF things

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FMF Breithaupt Replica detail

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Reunited - Quadangle from the hood

23 November 2018 - 11:35 PM

Attached File  Quadangle_marked_lowfront.jpg   182.7KB   5 downloads


Well this was an interesting acquisition.  I had actually ridden this bike in the early 80's when it belonged to one of my neighbors named, Kevin. His family's house was about 300 yards away as the crow flies. It was one element in a neighborhood full of dudes with nice bikes. 

 What I didn't realize even back then, was that it had belonged to my other friend, Darrell before that.  Darrell was someone that you may recall me mentioning before. He was a couple years older, both these guys were, but Darrell was sort of my racing mentor.  We'd go to races together, sometimes his parents, sometimes mine would drive.   I really looked up to him. He was no. 1 in the state a couple years when we were hanging out the most. 
I have a foggy memory of this hanging from the garage at Darrel's place. He and I both had PK Rippers.  I slowly worked on making my bike pretty much a carbon copy of Darrel's.  But that's a different story.  If I annoyed him with that, he did a pretty good job of maintaining his composure.  Maybe he looked at it as a good back up, if we were ever at a race and something mechanical went wrong, he could pretty much jump on my bike as a carbon copy of his own.  Anyway...
At some point back in the day, I remember Kevin got rid of the JMC he had and got this Quadangle.  As mentioned, my neighborhood had some real heat in it, in terms of the BMX bikes.  On a good day, there'd be Quadangles, PK's, JMC's, Stings, Torkers, GT's, Redlines and Mongooses in the mix.  But as in the macrocosm of bmx nationally, so also in our local microcosm... the scene in the neighborhood withered away as people got older and got cars, etc. 
We all got older and sort of went our own ways, scattering across the country or world in my case. 
Fast forward to about 10 years ago... I already was involved with the site and was putting on shows and I began to reconnect with old BMX buddies from Kansas. Kevin was one of them.  As we got to talking he mentioned to me that he still had the quadangle.  We marveled at that and that was about the end of it.
It is not my style to hound people.  I don't even like to ask about a childhood bike. It's almost too sacred to impinge upon a childhood whip with offers of purchasing. But last year I finally mentioned to my old friend that if he ever wanted to sell, I'd be interested.  He didn't really even respond to that.  Which was fine. He's a pretty stoic dude of few words... so I just let it go. 
Well, I was considering pulling the trigger on a Quad elsewhere earlier this year, so I just hit my old friend up and told him and explained that I would much prefer to have the quadangle from the old neighborhood.  We quickly came to terms agreeable to all. 
Attached File  Quadangle_Kansas_Special_SBrothers.jpg   330.06KB   5 downloads
And, here it is.  I haven't been this excited about a bike since the first ano PK... I'd say definitely even a little bit more here.  There is something VERY powerful about reconnecting with a bike you "know" -- at least for me.  Sounds corny as hell... I agree. But be that as it may, it is a freaking thrill to throw a leg over a looptail quadangle that you haven't ridden in nearly 35 years. It's kind of magical.  Next best thing to getting one of your own back, I 'd guess.  
So yeah... that's it. I'm stoked.  I think the last time I saw it 30 some years ago it had redline v bars on it.  When I got it a few months ago, it had crazy late 80's Haro bars and what was sort of a run of the mill, padded but nor really bmx seat, from the 90's maybe.   So I put the power wings on it and a new seat to bring it back into synch with the era.
I actually remember when we all got the files out to sharpen the teeth on our pedals.  This bike still has those pedals on it. LOL!  
By the way, we negotiated the deal pretty much sight unseen... and then it occurred to me - "self, your memory is PRETTY foggy... you better get some pics".  So waiting for the pics... which took several days and seemed like an eternity - started to second guess myself. What if it's a freaking stick tail?!  LOL  
Finally the pics came... the pads ...  the loop ... the solid drop LG"s... this thing is all I had hoped for. 
Freaking love it.  


Attached File  Quadangle_Sbrothers_Kansas_detail_bars.jpg   199.59KB   5 downloads

Attached File  quadangle_sbrothers_pedal_detail.jpg   264.89KB   5 downloadsAttached File  Quadangle_Sbrothers_stempad_detail.jpg   291.21KB   5 downloads Attached File  Quadangle_sbrothers_Fork_detail.jpg   99.59KB   5 downloads

Attached File  quadangle_sbrothers_sidedetail.jpg   431.25KB   5 downloads

BOTY what can I submit... it's just a few weeks away?

20 November 2018 - 01:10 AM

I like to submit something in the BOTY if I can. I always withdraw at vote time for obvious reasons.


Been kind of a slow year. But then it happened...



Attached File  Sbros_boty_abstraction.jpg   208.04KB   7 downloads





So yeah... stay tuned, hadn't thrown a leg over this one for 35 years or so.  I hope everyone is getting ready for BOTY.  :cheers:

BMX Day in Long Beach November 14th every year, h/t Scot

15 November 2018 - 12:15 AM

Today is BMX Day in Long Beach. We can thank Scot Breithaupt for that.

Please feel free to post BUMS and Narler and any Long Beach BMX stuff if you have it.



Interesting Video of 70's BMX History with NorCal Emphasis

14 November 2018 - 06:18 PM

This has been around for a while, but check it out, it's interesting with some solid gold old footage. 



Uploaded by Brian P
23 March 2010 - 12:14 AM
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Mag Wheel 20"

Spin carbon
Uploaded by SHADESSEAN
15 February 2010 - 05:20 PM
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