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Brian Hays

Brian Hays

Member Since 07 Mar 2005
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 04:20 PM

What year span were the original Viscount Dyna seats offered?

13 March 2019 - 02:39 PM

What year span were the original Viscount Dyna seats offered?

Finally got another Nomura after 10 years!

30 October 2018 - 10:19 PM

Back in 2006 I bought 7 Nomuras in a three month period. They were relatively cheap and I just fell in love with them. I had every type made. Two 20" alloys, a 20" chromoly, a 24" alloy (one of three known to exist still) a 26/24 alloy, a 26" alloy and a 20" alloy that had been cut down into a 16" pit bike by True Torch. I also had all three sizes of Supercross Nomoreas at the same time. 20" alloy, 24" alloy and 26" alloy. There were 25 of each size made in these.  Back then all this stuff was pretty readily available. About a year after I got it all,  life got a little rough and I sold off my entire collection of 60 bikes and frame sets. Fast forward to 2018. I've always wanted another Nomura but the price of them has skyrocketed in ten years so I've never been able to justify buying one. When Chris from Texas posted his all original 20" Nomura here for sale, i wanted it so bad, I couldn't see straight. It sold for $8600ish dollars and though I listed some stuff for sale to make a run at it, it just wasn't to be but at that point I decided I would do what it took to have one. I started selling off alot of my Race Inc stuff a couple months ago and sold some other frames and bikes that I was willing to let go for the cause and FINALLY yesterday took delivery of this ole girl. big_smile.png The deal took over a month to get done for various reasons but I'm so stoked. I have everything to put it together except my rims which will be back to me on Monday from getting built and trued. I will add complete bike pics when i get it together next weekend.

20" alloy Nomura serial NRDG209 on the bottom bracket. Frame has never been repaired. It is an original polished one. It was found in the back room of a bike shop in Pueblo Colorado,  literally in a pile of bikes and parts that were worn out. It had 16" wheels and super short cranks on it, thrown in the pile. Lee Jones found it and owned it for 7-8 years before selling it to me. He hand polished the welds (to keep them crisp) and then hand delivered it to a local polisher to polish the frame with strict instructions to not touch the welds. It turned out amazing. Lee then applied repro decals to it. Forks are legit OG Bottema with NOS decals applied. Headset is a Tioga Beartrap. Bars are GT Pro bars in og finish AND decals. Grips are Oakley 2 with Oakley crud plugs. Grips and plugs were NOS when installed. I have everything to build it up. Alot of the parts I kept from my red Race Inc RA7 build when I sold the frame set (money toward this) but the spokes were chrome and they were rusting so i cut the spokes out and sent the hoops and hubs to Mark McCorkle in Portland and they are on their way back home now. Here's the stuff I got yesterday. Complete build pics will be added next weekend. Thanks to Lee Jones (Tanker Kranker) and Mark McCorkle (markmc97225) and to my buddy Shane in Long Beach for all his moral support. lol.png



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1982 Race Inc RA7

10 September 2018 - 05:50 PM

IMMEDIATE PAYPAL PAYMENT TO brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com

1982 Race Inc RA7 with original finish and decals. No cracks, dents, dings. There is paint peeled under the seat post clamp. Nicest one I've ever owned. The paint on this frameset is amazing!! I'm not big on over polished parts but this bike shows well.
Race Inc chrome bars
Ame Round bubble font grips
Dia Compe MX1000 chrome caliper
Dia Compe Tech 3 lever
black unknown cable
Tuf Neck stem, highly polished
Tioga Beartrap 2 headset
Viscount MX Aero seat
13/16 alloy seat post, highly polished (no name)
Tuf Neck seat clamp
Araya 7X polished hoops 20x1.75. Rims have chrome spokes that are pitted but still show well
High flange looseball hubs. Sunshine or Suntour. I honestly dont remember (sign of having too many bikes).
NOS before moun tDiamante Silver Series yellow label skinwall tires 20x2.125 & 1.75 with new tubes
Sealed Tioga bottom bracket
SR tubular one piece chrome cranks
Highly polished Tuff neck disc and 44T sprocket w/chrome bolts
MKS BM10 chrome pedals
Chrome Izumi chain

THE PADS AND VALVE CAPS ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT INCLUDED. PADS ARE ALREADY SOLD AND GONE AND VALVE CAPS IM KEEPING. Price is $1900 shipped and fully insured in the continental 48 United States.


1984 SE Racing Bronco complete OG

10 September 2018 - 05:47 PM

1984 SE Racing Bronco ALL OG
 Paypal payment to brianhaysbmx@yahoo.com

Just got this recently and cant keep it. Selling off some stuff.

ALL original 1984-85 SE Racing Bronco. The Bronco was SE's first endeavor at overseas built bikes. It replaced the Basher name.

Hi Tensile 1010 frame and Landing Gear fork (Bronco Landing Gear Lites are Bronco specific and NOT the same as the US made LG Lites). SE Bronco bars, pads and seat. Chang Star brakes. Steel 36h rims w/ steel hubs. Comp 3 green/gray label 20x1.75 tires. Ame bubble font grips. Fluted alloy post. 165mm cranks with steel 44t sprocket and spyder. OG chain and 16t freewheel. I just completely disassembled the bike including all bearing cups. Degreased, cleaned, polished, hand rubbed the paint and regreased the BB, headset and both wheel hubs. OG plastic pedals. Bike IS all OG. $500 shipped in US with pads. $425 shipped without pads. Pads are correct but not og to bike. I WILL NOT PART THIS BIKE OUT.

Finally bought a Darrell Young

29 August 2018 - 05:16 PM

Super stoked to have bought this super clean original finish and decals 84 machined BB frame and fork from Jim in Oz. He also hooked me up with the OG finish and decals JMC bars and seat post and surprised me with the JMC Certificate back when Jim was alive and doing them. Gonna frame it. I also have a set of Jim's remade second gen black JMC pads coming. If anyone has an OG set, I'd be keen on buying them. Kicking around build ideas currently. This one HAS to be built.


I've wanted a DY for years. Finally sold off three bikes and two framesets and made it happen.




Uploaded by J.T.
03 January 2011 - 11:57 PM
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Pad Set

Block Racing Paisley
Uploaded by keep_it_warm
31 January 2010 - 12:39 PM
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