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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1996 & Earlier)

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Poll: Survivor BMX Bikes (1998 & Earlier) (34 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite

  1. 1982 First Gen Blazer Mini by Aaron Godfrey (4 votes [11.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.76%

  2. 1976 Webco Team Replica by yardsale2 (3 votes [8.82%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.82%

  3. 1984 Cycle Pro Greg Hill Replica by Brian Hays (3 votes [8.82%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.82%

  4. 1984 GHP Pro Replica by Brian Hays (4 votes [11.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.76%

  5. 1984 Navajo Warrior by Brian Hays (5 votes [14.71%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.71%

  6. 1980 Torker Eddy King by Yardsale2 (7 votes [20.59%])

    Percentage of vote: 20.59%

  7. 1978 Redline Proline by Mark Mc (4 votes [11.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.76%

  8. 1987 Robinson Pro by Bradenblake (4 votes [11.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.76%

Please choose your runner up

  1. 1982 First Gen Blazer Mini by Aaron Godfrey (3 votes [8.82%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.82%

  2. 1976 Webco Team Replica by yardsale2 (2 votes [5.88%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.88%

  3. 1984 Cycle Pro Greg Hill Replica by Brian Hays (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  4. 1984 GHP Pro Replica by Brian Hays (4 votes [11.76%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.76%

  5. 1984 Navajo Warrior by Brian Hays (8 votes [23.53%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.53%

  6. 1980 Torker Eddy King by Yardsale2 (3 votes [8.82%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.82%

  7. 1978 Redline Proline by Mark Mc (8 votes [23.53%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.53%

  8. 1987 Robinson Pro by Bradenblake (6 votes [17.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 17.65%




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~~ SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1997 & Earlier) ~~

Please follow the general rules and guidelines AND take special note of the special conditions and rules for this particular class.

Bikes eligible for participation in this class are solely: complete survivors (in other words not merely compiled from all survivor parts) - bikes that are just as they were at the cut off date of Dec. 31, 1996. Minor non original and realistic part changes are allowed... such as tires, maybe grips... suppose an otherwise complete survivor was found with all original 25 or 30 year old parts, except a seat that was much later, or something like that. Bringing one or maybe two small accessories back to "era correct alignment with the rest of the build is acceptable. Please don't over do it. Please have integrity and honor the spirit of the survivor class. No refinished (powder/paint/anodizing/chrome etc.) parts and absolutely nothing repopped, i.e. no reproduction pads or stickers. 

Any bike in this category ought to have parts that fall in their entirety within a 5 year period of era correctness. In other words... an 80 survivor should have no part later than 85 on it. This provision is made in order to accommodate the fact that people might realistically have kept a bike but added upgrades over the years. 

At one time, we allowed more latitude with the definition of survivor so that even "survivor builds" were permitted. At this point, we seem to have enough true survivor bikes of great quality that we can drop this concession. Please put "survivor builds" made from all original parts in to the appropriate bike and era class. Duly note the status of your OG parts. The true connoisseurs will no doubt reward you with appreciation.

Addendum :
An exception to the rule that the bike must be acquired within the last year, is this: Life time owners can enter their survivors as long as they meet these conditions:

1) the bike meets all the other criteria of the survivor class
2) the bike has never been entered in the BOTY in previous years
* life time owners will be defined as 20 or more years of ownership for a bike from 1997 or earlier.


Aaron Godfrey

Aaron Godfrey

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1982 First Gen Blazer Mini


June of 2018, I receive a message from a gentleman stating he had a Blazer mini that he might be interested in working out a deal on. I’m a big fan of BMX mini’s and had seen this bike before posted by owner Bob McKay aka Falcon8. After a couple of months of discussion and a couple more months to complete the transaction I’m now in possession of this little piece of BMX history.


The Blazer was first brought to Arizona sometime between 81-82’ by Blazer owner Mike Mayberry. It was given to Carl Bartley of Bicycle Harbor and Harbor Lite. Carl built the bike into the lightest BMX bike in the world at that time weighing in at just under 10.5 lb. Shortly there after it was given to Bob McKay’s daughter Tracy to campaign. A few parts were changed out for safer items. The Blazer was campaigned until a crash during a race. Afterwords it was put into storage, not seeing the light of day until now. Including Chandler dirt, it is as I received it with the exception of the front tire and rear cog and retainer. I had a used Cycle Pro Snake Belly that matched the rear to replace the front that was blown in the crash. The rear cog was missing so I replaced it with a nos Shimano cog and retainer ring.


Frame: 1982 First Gen Blazer Mini.  One of two known to exist. The two frame sets, with raw finish and no decals, were taken in person by Mike Mayberry straight from their warehouse in Texas to Arizona. Chromoly tubing still has steel plant manufacturing markings.
Fork: 1982 Mini forks, made by David Gerston pre Navajo. Chromoly. Also in raw finish with one off, pre Harborlite, “LITE” decals added by Bicycle Harbor
Headset: Nylfor vinyl plastic headset
Stem: One of four stems made by Bergeron Marine. Complete with aluminum hardware
Bars: Powerlite power bend mini bars, First Gen, Patent Pending decal, polished aluminum
Grips: A’ME Second Gen Tri’s, black
Brake Lever: Dia Compe straight lever, silver
Brake Cable: Unknown brand, black
Brake: Weinmann Type 500, black anno
Seat: Uni Hammerhead, black
Bottom Bracket: Custom bottom bracket with aluminum spindle
Cranks: Suntour, 152 mm, Alloy, Silver,
Pedals: Suntour MX 1000, First Gen, drilled out bodies and cages
Chainwheel: Unknown brand chainring, 40 tooth, black anno. Mounted to unknown brand power disc in black anno
Chain: HKK Ultra 6
Wheels - Built by Carl Bartley
  Front Rim: Unknown Aero style, 36 hole, 20” (17.125” actual diameter) x 1-1/8”
  Front Hub: Hutch magnesium with aluminum axle (spoke ripped out of hub due to crash). 36 hole. OG Trick shop sticker was added by Bicycle Harbor.
  Front Tire: Cycle Pro Snake Belly sew up, 1-1/8”
  Rear Rim: Nisi, 24 hole, 20” (17.125” actual diameter) x 1-1/8”
  Rear Hub: Shimano DX, 24 hole, Silver, running a 16 tooth cog
  Rear Tire: Cycle Pro Snake Belly sew up, 1-1/8”


  Number Plate: Bicycle Harbor lightweight number plate.


Videos of Tracy competing with Blazer:


Special thanks to Bob McKay and Stephan Arndt



























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As found in the spring from 2nd owner who sold it for the 1st owners family. Trying to sort out the year has been a tough one lol and the only thing missing is the front reflector that I will find one day.

*******1976 Webco Team Replica*******

Frame: Webco
Fork: Tange TX-500
Bars: DG alloy
Stem: Dayed 77 Ashtubla
Grips: 1st Gen Oakley 1’s
Headset : Tange
Seatpost clamp: Steel
Seatpost : Fluted
Seat: Quilted Viscount
Brakes: Dated 76 Bendix
Brake pads : N/A
Bottombracket : ?
Cranks : Dated 77 Ashtblula
Chainring : Webco
Chainring bolts : N/A
Disc : N/A
Chain : Old
Hubs : N/A
Spokes : Wheelsmith (new)
Rims : Dale Enterprise MX-60
Freewheel :N/A
Tires : Chang Shin 20x2.125
Pads : N/A
Plate: Hunt Wilde
486457AF-DAAB-4342-BB37-4ECF82EAA7EB.jpeg 0CEA1DE7-48F8-4812-8739-ED5182557B91.jpeg 41D2FD58-E7BB-4A4E-87F9-923471358F61.jpeg B0473949-7DA1-4881-A688-BCBB01F0AADC.jpeg 0B355B6E-F84F-45FB-8C16-4AA789DB7FFE.jpeg 96F3BD14-B92E-4DC8-A8A3-046653D04830.jpeg 5DD88D38-9B50-44AB-8ABC-0F08D40836BE.jpeg 216AC39B-B7C2-4555-B183-37C300E8369F.jpeg C262916C-CA7E-45EA-B5D4-4A4D7709B508.jpeg 2794EE58-76AC-44E3-BE64-F3B0ABDEDC57.jpeg 80E73601-1364-42CC-8096-AF8C1F6BE37F.jpeg CC41400C-082B-4CB3-917B-347C6CF0D7CD.jpeg CB65C086-70BC-4924-8129-B7430F221DA4.jpeg

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Brian Hays

Brian Hays

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1984 Cycle Pro Greg Hill Replica


1984 Greg Hill Replica frame. Original chrome and decals.4130 chromoly

Cycle Pro (GH Replica specific) Tange forks. Original finish and decals. chromoly with forged dropouts

Cycle Pro GHP Replica bars

Cycle Pro Sugino stem

Oakley B2 grips

Cycle Pro headset

Araya 7L rims

Sunshine Gyromaster sealed hubs

Cycle Pro Greg Hill Snakebelly tires and tubes

Dia Compe MX1000 caliper

Dia Compe Tech 3 lever

Dia Compe cable

Dia Compe pads

Suntour XC II pedals

Sugino CT 175mm cranks

Sugino with chromoly spindle

Sugino 44t chainwheel

Suntour 16t freewheel

Izumi Sigma chain 3/32"

Cycle Pro Shotgun 2 seat

Cycle Pro GHP Replica seat post

Suntour Arrow seat clamp

California Lite padset with jumbo frame pad (not original to bike)



Everything is original finish and decals except for the decals on the crank arms. I bought the bike because someone was parting it out. The cranks and BB were sold off before I got the deal done. I bought a set of exact correct cranks and BB and put back on it.

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  • 20181209_191258.jpg
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  • 20181209_191315.jpg
  • 20181209_191403.jpg
  • 20181209_191342.jpg
  • 20181209_191413.jpg
  • 20181209_191352.jpg
  • 20181209_191424.jpg
  • 20181209_191446.jpg
  • 20181209_191439.jpg
  • 20181209_191443.jpg
  • 20181209_193404.jpg
  • 20181209_193518.jpg
  • 20181209_193429.jpg
  • 20181209_193413.jpg
  • 20181209_193421.jpg
  • 20181209_193625.jpg
  • 20181209_193613.jpg
  • 20181209_193705.jpg
  • 20181209_193712.jpg
  • 20181209_193727.jpg
  • 20181209_193633.jpg
  • 20181209_193721.jpg
  • 20181209_193858.jpg

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Brian Hays

Brian Hays

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1984 GHP Pro


This bike is all original as it was built by the original owners LBS for him. True time capsule


GHP Pro frame and fork OG finish and decals

Star Bars handlebars

Ame bubble font Rounds

Flite donuts

DK early keyway stem

Tange headset w/ headset lock

SST Dirt Skirt

Cal Lite pinstripe pads

Uni Turbo seat and post combo

Sugino seat clamp

Dia Comp MX1000 caliper

Dia Comp Tech 3 lever

Dia Comp brake cable

Ukai Speedline rims

Suntour looseball hubs

GT 20x1.75 tires

Tuf Neck disc

Tuf Neck 44t sprocket

Sugino Cosmolite 175mm cranks

MKS Graphite pedals

Tioga sealed BB

Izumi chain



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  • 20181209_194438.jpg
  • 20181209_194458.jpg
  • 20181209_194448.jpg
  • 20181209_194425.jpg
  • 20181209_194503.jpg
  • 20181209_194432.jpg
  • 20181209_194547.jpg
  • 20181209_194643.jpg
  • 20181209_194603.jpg
  • 20181209_194508.jpg
  • 20181209_194656.jpg
  • 20181209_194517.jpg
  • 20181209_194522.jpg
  • 20181209_194648.jpg
  • 20181209_194703.jpg
  • 20181209_194743.jpg
  • 20181209_194824.jpg
  • 20181209_194818.jpg
  • 20181209_194828.jpg
  • 20181209_194843.jpg
  • 20181209_194839.jpg

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Brian Hays

Brian Hays

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1984 Navajo Warrior


All original race bike owned by Navajo Support rider Rob Raulerson from Jacksonville FL. Byron VD hooked me up with Rob. I had to put a set of grips on this but it is otherwise completely original how Rob raced it. It had been hanging in his shed for years. He sent me his Uniform with the bike. It was a cosponsorship with Navajo and North Jax Schwinn which was his LBS he raced for.


Navajo Warrior frame and fork. All og chrome and decals

Tange Meritor sealed headset

DK stem

Powerlite Powerbend bars

Ame bubble font Tri grips

Zap Pads

Dia Compe MX900 caliper

Dia Comp Tech 3 lever

Dia Compe cable

Uni Turbo seat and post

Xcaliber seat clamp

Mongoose Pro Class rims

Suzue sealed hubs

Mitsobushi Comp 3 tires 20x1.5

Skyway brake pads

Sugino CT175 cranks and looseball BB

Suntour XC II pedals

Sugino 44T sprocket

Suntour 16t freewheel

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  • 20181210_210713.jpg
  • 20181210_210718.jpg
  • 20181210_210733.jpg
  • 20181210_210726.jpg
  • 20181210_210746.jpg
  • 20181210_210739.jpg
  • 20181210_210751.jpg
  • 20181210_210809.jpg
  • 20181210_210822.jpg
  • 20181210_210815.jpg
  • 20181210_210831.jpg
  • 20181210_210803.jpg
  • 20181210_210759.jpg
  • 20181210_210839.jpg
  • 20181210_210906.jpg
  • 20181210_210916.jpg
  • 20181210_210958.jpg
  • 20181210_210936.jpg
  • 20181210_211011.jpg
  • 20181210_210927.jpg
  • 20181210_210947.jpg
  • 20180118_175037.jpg

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Well she’s has some bruises but I still love her. Looked over the web and chatted with a few who know and from what I was told the stickers Olay came around for a short time. Black and Gold
******1980 Torker Eddy King******

Frame:Torker Eddy King
Fork: Torker
Handlebars: Torker
Stem:Torker 4 bolt ultra
Grips: Oakley 3 I added
Headset: Tange
Cranks: 3pcs Takagi Tourney 175mm
BB: Tange LB
Pedals:Shimano DX
Seat: Uni
Brake: Dia-Compe 1080
Lever:Dia-Compe MX
Wheels: UKAI 20-1-3/8 LA
Hubs: Sunshine
Plate:Teamcycle NBL plate

EDBDE65C-8B44-4971-B69C-FB9C3C2537D0.jpeg A54058A6-7612-49F1-994D-AA3FA1302644.jpeg C0ECAA28-A8AF-4652-BC65-845A9F501372.jpeg 6187A6A8-BD24-4982-816A-E0FCFB99882B.jpeg AFFDFD0F-1D1C-4C53-8A5E-85751AFE447C.jpeg 2790DA38-9DFF-490C-B725-2FC46F2FEEF8.jpeg C894E2E4-E6EE-4FBF-936B-E4FE1E608451.jpeg 1D542C67-E670-451B-A0D0-FC0EFD4F22B7.jpeg 3E24F1F0-CF8C-487B-8EDC-6CE48B592461.jpeg 023150AC-FA3A-4C29-ABB7-2D4766821A74.jpeg 7A773BC7-E407-465E-A09F-61151CBD7D23.jpeg 2A869F3E-6E02-478B-9765-003D8A7BB24A.jpeg D4E82374-5C10-4967-9486-BDDDF75749C8.jpeg FF2B870D-DEAE-4F33-B674-A4DA867D10BD.jpeg D68D846C-E705-4EF1-A7D4-C687163D128F.jpeg F93A129D-CA75-4720-A308-83AC9288F96C.jpeg A3E23503-DF5C-446A-9134-915BD5C101F2.jpeg

Mark Mc

Mark Mc

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1978 Redline Proline

Byron Grant Survivor


OK. I'm not sure anyone knows who Byron Grant is. But, the dude had one badass race bike from BITD. This came to me from a guy who got it at an estate sale in Texas. He priced it high enough to keep the flippers off it and I was lucky enough to land it. If you were going to build a 78 Redline, this would be how you'd draw it up. All I've replaced on this is tires and grips and added an era correct handlebar pad since it didn't have one. If you know Byron, give him a high five and point him here.


Frame/Fork: Redline Proline.

Stem: Redline double clamp.

Bars/grips. Generic original alloy bars with Ourys. Not V-bars interestingly. 

Cranks: 170mm C-Dated DuraAce cranks and Shimano chainwheel.

Pedals: MKS BM-1's

Seat: Suede Professional brand. 

Seatpost/clamp: Generic post, generic Schwinn style clamp.

Brakes: Diacompe caliper and bronco bend lever.

Wheels: Araya 7Bs with Schwinn hubs. Those are actually super faded red anno. And the original hub straps to keep them clean still there

Tires: Cycle Pro Snakebellies.

Pads: Original Redline pads.

Badass stickers. JT Racing. SE Racing. "If you value your life...."

















Pics of how it was found and that original owner logo








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1987 Robinson Pro that was made in late 1986.  I have owned this bike since new.  It was my last race bike that did not see much track time so I could get a job for a car.  The frame, fork and bars were my Xmas present in 1986.  The rest of the parts came from other bikes I had prior to this one. 

It sat in my parent's basement until approx 10 years ago.  The Redline crank decal and the GT post coin decal I added a few years back.  The tubes are original from 1986 when I built it and they still hold air.  This is the one I will never part with.  It has made it through my parents house fire in 1997, multiple moves on my end, etc.  I am just thankful my parents kept their house and did not move after the fire or I am sure it would have been gone like so many others. 



Frame/Fork: Robinson Pro

Stem: DK

Bars: Robinson Pro

Headset: GT Epoch

Grips: A'ME

Cranks/Sprocket: Redline 180 400's with Sugino 42

Pedals: Suntour XCII

Seat: Kashimax Aero

Seatpost: GT

Clamp: Tuf-Neck

Brakes: Dia Compe MX901

Lever: Tech 3

Wheels: Chrome 7x, black spokes, Suzue HF hubs

Tires: Green Label Tioga Comp III with original tubes

Pads: Blue Flites that have been with the bike since new (I always ran non brand pads for some reason.)

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  • Image 26.jpg
  • Image 24.jpg
  • Image 21.jpg
  • Image 25.jpg

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