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OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS (1987 and earlier)

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Poll: Old School Cruisers 1987 and earlier (50 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite:

  1. 1978 Gary Littlejohn 26" Fireroad Cruiser by route66 (13 votes [26.53%])

    Percentage of vote: 26.53%

  2. 1982 Cook Brothers 26" Cruiser by route66 (16 votes [32.65%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.65%

  3. 1980 DG Vulcan 26 Cruiser by getset (6 votes [12.24%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.24%

  4. 1984 JMC by Cruznscoot (14 votes [28.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 28.57%




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~~ OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" & 26" (1987 and earlier) ~~



Please follow the guidelines and rules to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.


Please note... due to lack of participation, the 24" class has been merged with the 26" class for one single combined old school cruiser class.



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1978 Gary Littlejohn 26" Fireroad Cruiser
This Gary Littlejohn Fireroad Cruiser frame and fork are in the very rare "friends and family" candy gold original finish. This frame and fork was an incredible find. I bought them off a old bike shop in New Hampshire. The shop was the largest Gary Littlejohn dealer on the east coast. John Littlejohn (gary's father) lived only 50 miles away. I was offered the frame years ago and passed on it as I thought the color was gotty at the time and had no idea how rare it was. Later I made a deal with the bike shop owner for a few frames and a set of forks. Well it turns out the forks were these rare candy gold "friends and family" color. I asked the owner if he still had the frame, but he had sold it a few years prior. Anyway, I asked if he could contact the buyer of the frame and ask if they would be willing to sell it. Lucky for me the frame was for sale. So long story short I put this frame and fork back together after it had been parted for a few years. I had no idea how else to build this f/f set up other than to take it over the top with all gold parts. So here she is, #golddustwoman, named by a close friend. I hope you guys like the bike, I am stoked on how it turned out.
All original finish and decals.
Parts breakdown:
Frame: Candy Gold, 26" Gary Littlejohn fireroad cruiser
Fork: Candy Gold, 26" Gary Littlejohn cruiser
Bars: Gold, Inter-Am flat track (solid aluminum)
Stem: Gold, Tuf Neck square corner (tiger stamped)
Headset: Gold, Hatta MX-100
Saddle: Black, Brooks B72
Seat Post: Gold, Laguna aluminum layback with brace
Seat clamp: Gold, Suntour
Rims: Gold, Ukai box 26x1.75
Hubs: Sachs 2 speed automatic rear / 1st gen Phil Wood front
Chain ring: Gold, Takagi 41t
Spider: Chrome, Takagi MX
Cranks: Chrome, Takagi MX 185mm
Bottom bracket: Hatta 28t
Pedals: Gold, Rat Trap
Tires: Black, 26" Cheng Shin Snake Belly 26x2.125 (re-issue)
Grips: Black, Ame Super Soft (re-issue)

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  • IMG_0530.JPG
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  • IMG_0494.JPG
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  • IMG_0500.JPG
  • IMG_0499.JPG
  • IMG_0512.JPG
  • IMG_0492.JPG
  • IMG_0400.JPG

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1982 Cook Brothers 26" Cruiser
I bought this Cook Brothers cruiser frame from a local acquaintance earlier this year. This frame is the only known original chrome three bar cruiser to have the euro press fit style bottom bracket. I built it up how you see it with parts that spoke to me. The bike features the Cook Brothers uni-clamp stem and fork combination along with a Phil Wood 1st generation hub and disk brake setup on Ukai speedline rims and Sugino Super Maxy 180mm cranks with TA chain wheel. I built this one up to be my primary rider and have logged at least 1000 miles on it so far. I have to say this is my favorite bike to ride and I am stoked with how it came out. The last picture is me crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on this bike. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.
All original finish and decals.
Parts breakdown:
Frame: Chrome, 26" Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser
Fork: Chrome, 26" Cook Brothers Racing Uni-Clamp
Bars: Chrome, Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser
Stem: Blue, Cook Brothers Racing Uni-Clamp
Headset: Blue, Hatta MX-100 (speed line)
Saddle: Black, Brooks B72
Seat Post: Chrome, Generic Straight
Seat clamp: Blue, Cook Brothers Racing
Rims: Blue, Ukai Speedline 26x1.75 (non shiny side)
Hubs: Silver, 1st gen Phil Wood
Brakes, Silver, Phil Wood Disk Brake
Chain Ring Bolts: Chrome, TA
Cranks: Silver, Sugino Super Maxy 180mm Track w/ TA Track Chainwheel 41t
Bottom bracket: Silver, Cook Brothers Racing
Pedals: Blue, KKT Lightning LMK Magnesium Sealed
Tires: Black, 26" Cheng Shin Snake Belly 26x2.125 (re-issue)
Grips: Black, Ame Super Soft (re-issue)

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  • IMG_1621.JPG
  • IMG_1928.JPG
  • IMG_1936.JPG
  • IMG_1918.JPG
  • IMG_1917.JPG
  • IMG_1919.JPG
  • IMG_1923.JPG
  • IMG_1922.JPG
  • IMG_1921.JPG
  • IMG_1920.JPG
  • IMG_1930.JPG
  • IMG_1931.JPG
  • IMG_1941.JPG
  • IMG_1915.JPG
  • IMG_1943.JPG
  • SF_Wheelie.JPG

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1980 DG Vulcan 26 Cruiser



2015 was a good year for me and a big part of that is because I finished this bike and have been riding it a bunch this year.  I bought this frame about 3 years ago on ebay, so it's taken me at least 3 years to finish.  I bought a complete Cycle Pro 26 cruiser to steal the fork, headset, seat clamp and probably a few other parts.  When I finally found the perfect wheels for it I was set.  I have it pictured here exactly like I've been riding it.  I probably will update the seat and handlebars at some point, but I'm pretty stoked with how it looks now.  I never thought I'd find a DG Vulcan come up for sale, so I get a big smile every time I get it out for a ride.



Frame:  DG Vulcan, has been repainted with reproduction decals (head badge is OG)

Fork:  Cycle Pro

Stem:  Cycle Pro

Wheels:  Araya 26 w/Sunshine sealed hubs and blue nipples

Tires:  Chang Shin

Cranks:  Takagi 180

Chain Wheel:  Tuf Neck 42T

Freewheel:  Suntour 18T

Chain:  Bell

Pedals:  Shimano DX

Seat:  Kashimax Aero

Seat Clamp:  Cycle Pro

Headset:  Tange

Grips:  Ame reproduction

Bars:  Unknown reproduction cruiser

Seat Post:  Fluted reproduction

Pads:  DG frame and bars, Rad Pad stem pad




Attached Thumbnails

  • DG 26 007.JPG
  • DG 26 005.JPG
  • DG 26 004.JPG
  • DG 26 003.JPG
  • DG 26 002.JPG
  • DG 26 001.JPG
  • dg 26 009.JPG
  • dg 26 008.JPG
  • DG 26 006.JPG



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Original chrome 1984 JMC f/f with og head and seat tube decals
JMC 12in seat post
Tange 125 headset (polished)
Pro Neck stem- genuine not fake
Hutch cruiser bars (new decals applied)
Oakley B2 grips
DIa-Compe tech 4 lever, brake cable and MX-100 caliper- all 1984 dated
Skyway pro pads
Elina seat
Araya 7x rims laced to Sunshine sealed hubs
Panaracer Knarler Knobby tyres
Redline 401 full wrap cranks and 40t bubble font chainwheel (refinished)
Suntour MP-1000 pedals
Newer JMC pads
Shimano 17t freewheel

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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