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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)

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Poll: Survivor BMX Bikes (86 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite bike from this class:

  1. 1979 Torker Eddy King by yardsale2 (38 votes [44.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 44.19%

  2. Factory Team Quicksilver Helium Frame by Professor (11 votes [12.79%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.79%

  3. 1982-83 HUTCH EXPERT JUNIOR by yardsale2 (3 votes [3.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.49%

  4. 75 A&A by jz56oval (14 votes [16.28%])

    Percentage of vote: 16.28%

  5. 1979 Team Mongoose Survivor by heyyou3619 (9 votes [10.47%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.47%

  6. 1983 DIAMOND BACK Formula 1 by TrulyOdd (3 votes [3.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.49%

  7. 1987 ELF Racing Pro XL by Army (6 votes [6.98%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.98%

  8. SCHWINN Predator P2000 1983 by Stay Rad (2 votes [2.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.33%

Choose your runner up, it should be different than your choice above:

  1. 1979 Torker Eddy King by yardsale2 (21 votes [24.42%])

    Percentage of vote: 24.42%

  2. Factory Team Quicksilver Helium Frame by Professor (13 votes [15.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.12%

  3. 1982-83 HUTCH EXPERT JUNIOR by yardsale2 (3 votes [3.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.49%

  4. 75 A&A by jz56oval (13 votes [15.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.12%

  5. 1979 Team Mongoose Survivor by heyyou3619 (19 votes [22.09%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.09%

  6. 1983 DIAMOND BACK Formula 1 by TrulyOdd (8 votes [9.30%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.30%

  7. 1987 ELF Racing Pro XL by Army (6 votes [6.98%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.98%

  8. SCHWINN Predator P2000 1983 by Stay Rad (3 votes [3.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.49%




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~~ SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier) ~~

Please follow the general rules and guidelines AND take special note of the special conditions and rules for this particular class.

Bikes eligible for participation in this class are solely: complete survivors (in other words not merely compiled from all survivor parts) - bikes that are just as they were at the cut off date of Dec. 31, 1995. Minor non original and realistic part changes are allowed... such as tires, maybe grips... suppose an otherwise complete survivor was found with all original 25 or 30 year old parts, except a seat that was much later, or something like that. Bringing one or maybe two small accessories back to "era correct alignment with the rest of the build is acceptable. Please don't over do it. Please have integrity and honor the spirit of the survivor class. No refinished (powder/paint/anodizing/chrome etc.) parts and absolutely nothing repopped, i.e. no reproduction pads or stickers. 

Any bike in this category ought to have parts that fall in their entirety within a 5 year period of era correctness. In other words... an 80 survivor should have no part later than 85 on it. This provision is made in order to accommodate the fact that people might realistically have kept a bike but added upgrades over the years. 

At one time, we allowed more latitude with the definition of survivor so that even "survivor builds" were permitted. At this point, we seem to have enough true survivor bikes of great quality that we can drop this concession. Please put "survivor builds" made from all original parts in to the appropriate bike and era class. Duly note the status of your OG parts. The true connoisseurs will no doubt reward you with appreciation.

Addendum :
An exception to the rule that the bike must be acquired within the last year - Life time owners can enter their survivors as long as they meet these conditions:

1) the bike meets all the other criteria of the survivor class
2) the bike has never been entered in the BOTY in previous years
* life time owners will be defined as 20 or more years of ownership for a bike from the 70's or 80's.



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------------------ 1979 Torker Eddy King ------------------
The bike is untouched from 1st owner down to the light over spray on rims and frame. I am the 3rd set of hands to own this bike. You gotta love the twin top. Thanks for looking.

Frame-1979 Candy Red EK
Forks- Undrilled Torker "candy coat lost over time"
Stem- Unstamped Red Tuff Neck "W/Red Tuff Pad"
Head Set- Tange Meriter MX
Bars- Red Race Inc.
Pads- Red and White Torker Vinyl
Grips- Red Finish Lines
Seat- Red Kashimx BMX
Post- Red Race Inc.
Clamp- Suntour
Cranks- Dura Ace 170mm
Bottom Bracket- Phil Wood Euro
Pedal- Reddy 9/16
Rims- Red Araya 7c's
Hubs- Red and Unfinished 1st gen sealed Sunshines
Tires- Fat/Skinny Cheng Shin
Rear Break- Shimano Tourney
Lever- Shimano
Pads- Mathauser

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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OK, and here is my survivor entry...


My 1983 Race bike, a Factory Team Helium Quicksilver.  I was a sponsored rider by Quicksilver in Australia from 1979 through to 1983.  This bike is my last race bike and is unchanged from when I retired from racing.  It even has the 1983 Australian Title scrutineering sticker still on the back of the numberplate!


Components are:


  • Factory Team Quicksilver Helium Frame
  • Tange TRX Forks
  • Shimano DX hubs with Ukai Rims
  • Takagi 178mm OPC
  • Shimano DX Pedals
  • Disc sytle front sproket holder (can't remember brand)
  • Shimano 44T Alloy Sprocket
  • Quicksilver (by Elina) Seat
  • Shimano DX Seat Pole
  • Quicksilver (by Suntour) Seat Pole Clamp
  • Suntour Head Stem Alloy Lock Nut
  • GT Bars
  • Oakley B1B Grips (severly degraded now...)
  • Tuff Neck Stem
  • Shimano DX Brake Levers
  • Dia-Compe MX2 Brakes
  • Kool Pad brake pads
  • Quicksilver Rad Pads
  • Cheng Shin tires, 20 x 2.125 front, 20 x 1.75 rear. (Tires are older than the bike, race tires were IRC Skinwalls)



Attached Thumbnails

  • DSCF4360.JPG
  • DSCF4370.JPG
  • Scrutineering Sticker.JPG
  • DSCF4362.JPG
  • DSCF4369.JPG
  • Quicksilver Helium.JPG



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--------------------1982-83 HUTCH EXPERT JUNIOR-----------------
I picked this fine little gem up this summer from the OG owner along with a ton of other stuff. He raced in the mid to late 80's and even had #1 in the state in 86.bike sat in his mom's basement since the end of the 80's under plastic "thanks" I guess lol. I have only dusted this bike and changed the grips.
Any way in joy.


FRAME- Unstamped 82-83 Hutch Junior Expert
FORKS- Undrilled Hutch
GRIPS- Hutch
BARS- Uncut Fred Z
HEADSET- Unknown
PLATE- Zeronine
BRAKE LEVER- Dia-Compe Tech 3
BRAKE CALIPER- Dia-Compe De-Luxe
HOOPS- Ukai Areo
HUBS- GT Racelace
TIRES- Tioga Comp III Gray Label
CRANKS- Sungino GT 175mm
PEDALS- Hutch Mini with Titanium Spindles
SEAT- Uni Pro 14
CLAMP- Tuff neck

JERSEY- Vans (tiny)
PANTS- EP Vans (even smaller)

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg



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Just aquired this survivor with in the last few months. The bike was found in a pile of garbage in front of some ones house in Berkeley. Everything is original to the bike besides the grips.  Had to replace them as the OG ones were way to gone and gummy to use.  All components have been confirmed with dating.  This is my first survivor complete ever and really happy I had the chance to grab it.

Just threw in a pic of what the og grips were and looked like.




-'75 A&A frame og finish and decals 
-stroker bars 
-og black pads, stem and top tube
-hunt wilde grips NOS 
-Ashtabula forks dated '75
-Ashtabula stamped stem dated '76
-Ashtabula cranks dated '75
-pre patent pending front Tuff 1, rear is tuff 1
-Cycle Pro tires 

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_20141008_104135.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_104215.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_104222.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_142830.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_142852.jpg
  • IMG_20141010_144736_1_003.jpg
  • IMG_20141010_150501.jpg
  • IMG_20141010_145527_003.jpg
  • Tuff 1 Pre.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_142951.jpg
  • IMG_20141008_104242.jpg


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1979 Team Mongoose Survivor

Frame - Mongoose.

Fork - Mongoose.

Bars - Mongoose Stainless Steel.

Stem - Tuff Neck Pro Model.

Grips - Mongoose.

Cranks - Dura Ace 170MM.

Sprocket - 39T.

Pedals - Skyway.

Hubs - Shimano.

Rims - Araya.

Tires - Mongoose Skinwall Competition.

Brake - Shimano Tourney.

Brake Lever - Shimano Pre-Bent.

Brake Cable Holder - Shimano Dura Ace.

Seatpost - Fluted.

Seat Post Clamp - Tuff Neck.

Seat - Schwinn.





Attached Thumbnails

  • Goose1.jpg
  • goose2.jpg
  • goose3.jpg
  • goose4.jpg



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1983 DIAMOND BACK Formula 1


100% original complete.


This is a local flea market find.   People that know, know the flea markets/swap meet diggers are out there early.  "The early bird gets the worm" definitely applies here....but one afternoon i needed some shipping tape and cruised by the swap not far from my house.   I'm walking through and right in the middle i see this chrome thing leaning up against a van.   Long story short....here it is.   The first year of the DB Formula 1's (1983).  


The hubs (obscure SUZUE "Juno" stamp), DC brake lever and caliper are a factory brass color ano.   At first i thought it was a faded black but after looking closer i noticed there's no fade or color change anywhere on any of the pieces.    They're also all the exact same color.   All that i've done is air up the tires.   Untouched as "as found"....



Frame - DIAMOND BACK Formula 1


Handlebars - DIAMOND BACK stamped

Stem - DIAMOND BACK HP-G4 hinged

Seat - KASHIMAX MX Diamond Back stamped

Seatpost - UNKNOWN (has a black fluted line on each side)

Seat Post Clamp - SR

Cranks - DIAMOND BACK logo SUGINO Chromoly 3 piece

Chain - D.I.D.  nickel

Chainring - SUGINO 44t


Rims - ARAYA 7X 

Hubs - SUZUE Juno 

Freewheel - SUNTOUR

Tires - MITSUBOSHI Comp 3


Brake Lever - DIA-COMPE Tech 3

Brake Shoes - WEINMAN

Cable Guides - DIA-COMPE chrome

Grips - A'ME bubble font















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1987 ELF Racing Pro XL


Originally built up in 86 with one piece cranks. Switched to Haro group 1 cranks (couldn't get Redline 401's) the next year after bending a few one piece cranks. Everything but the pedals are original to the bike. The original Suntour pedals were sold on a mountain bike but I did acquire year appropriate fake suntours. The plate is my last plate from 1989.


Break down:


Frame:       1987 Elf racing pro xl

Fork   :       1987 Elf racing pro

Bars   :       1987 Elf racing pro

Seatpost :   1987 Elf racing zipback

Stem :        DK racing

Headset :    GT Epoch

Seat :          Kashimax Aero

Seat clamp: Hutch

Grips:          A'me Unitron

Pads:          Zeronine

Plate:          Dyno UL

Cranks:       Haro Group 1

Wheels:      Araya 7X rim, GT hubs, chrome spokes

Tires:         Tioga Comp III

Brake:        Dia-compe 990







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** This bike will not be on the ballot when we begin voting.  I'm including it because the BOTY is a show case for notable bikes from the previous year in general.  I'm biased of course, but I feel this is notable because it "checks a few boxes" as far as rare PK Ripper characteristics go.  For that reason, I want to enter it.  We do allow staff members to participate, but since I'm sort of hosting it, I will just take part in the more celebratory facet of the event. where we just post up what we've done and raise a toast to each other.  BOTY is about more than a competition... it's a document of the year that's passed in BMX collecting culture.  Anyway...



1979 Pre-Serial, Round Top Tube, Survivor, Anodized PK Ripper




  • Round Top Tube, anodized PK Ripper
  • Redline Microline forks
  • Phil Wood hubs
  • Ukai rims
  • Comp II 2.125 front
  • Cycle Pro Snake Belly 1.75 rear
  • Suntour VX cranks
  • MKS BMX-7 pedals
  • Sugino 44 tooth chain wheel
  • Diacompe rear caliper and brake lever
  • Kool Stop Finned brake pads
  • Race Inc alloy bars
  • Suntour BMX stem
  • Diacompe 2 bolt seat post clamp
  • fluted seat post in blue ano
  • Unicantor seat


Parts I added:

*Am'e grips  (original bike had these same grips in red, but all I had is blue, so...)

*Tires: Cycle pro snake belly rear, Comp II front

*Brake shoes

I also added the canvas pads I've had since bitd, they came on my PK Ripper as a kid and I fortunately kept them, though the old PK is gone.


As many of you will remember when I first debuted the bike... this is one that I stalked for several years before finally securing it.  The guy I bought it from got it from the original owner family.  He got it as a complete survivor and put modern grips and new tires on as well as a new brake cable.  The OG grips were melted and the tires were dry rotted, so he put new over the counter tires and grips on.  I replaced the modern tires and grips with era correct ones.  There is no record of anodized PK Rippers and Scot does not remember them, but this is one of at least 4 blue ano PK's that I have seen documented, but unfortunately all the others have been refinished at this point. There are probably still others out in the wild, but they have not surfaced in the community yet.  











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SCHWINN Predator P2000 1983


I found this on CL. The guy was flipping it so I assume, based on the condition, that I am the third owner. I like Schwinns and am a sucker for the ATARI graphics. I haven't had time to clean it up yet, so consider OG dirt and grime. The brakes are still dialed!


• Schwinn Predator P2000 Frame

• Schwinn Forks

• Unstamped bars. I'm assuming Schwinn

• SR "Predator" stem

• Chang Star 900 brakes

• Change Star levers

• CMC Rims

• Kun Yu Hubs

• Cheng Shin "Predator" tires

• Sugino Cranks

• Sugino Spider/Ring

• SR Pedals

• Viscount Aero Saddle

• SR Seat post clamp

• Johar California Lite pads


• Chainguard and reflectors, too!

Attached Thumbnails

  • 83_Schwinn_Predator.jpg
  • IMG_9048.JPG
  • IMG_8994.JPG
  • IMG_8995.JPG
  • IMG_9004.JPG
  • IMG_9006.JPG
  • IMG_9032.JPG
  • IMG_8993.JPG

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