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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)

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Poll: OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) (94 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite bike in this class:

  1. 1981 Powerlite by glassguy (2 votes [2.13%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.13%

  2. Team Quicksilver by Professor (6 votes [6.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.38%

  3. 1983 DALE RACING by Just..Me..Chillin' (24 votes [25.53%])

    Percentage of vote: 25.53%

  4. 1981 JMC Black Shadow by BCRider (10 votes [10.64%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.64%

  5. 1981 Laguna 101 by Troy Dunsmore (2 votes [2.13%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.13%

  6. 1982 SE Racing PK Ripper by getset (5 votes [5.32%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.32%

  7. 1980 Diamond Back Large Pro by K-frame (3 votes [3.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.19%

  8. 1981 SE Quadangle by looptailnut (4 votes [4.26%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.26%

  9. 1980 Quadangle (STR1) by se666 (21 votes [22.34%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.34%

  10. '81 JMC Justin Roos Mini (JR1) by dubplatestyle (17 votes [18.09%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.09%

Choose your runner up for this class, should be different than above...

  1. 1981 Powerlite by glassguy (6 votes [6.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.38%

  2. Team Quicksilver by Professor (6 votes [6.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.38%

  3. 1983 DALE RACING by Just..Me..Chillin' (14 votes [14.89%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.89%

  4. 1981 JMC Black Shadow by BCRider (5 votes [5.32%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.32%

  5. 1981 Laguna 101 by Troy Dunsmore (2 votes [2.13%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.13%

  6. 1982 SE Racing PK Ripper by getset (9 votes [9.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 9.57%

  7. 1980 Diamond Back Large Pro by K-frame (8 votes [8.51%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.51%

  8. 1981 SE Quadangle by looptailnut (8 votes [8.51%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.51%

  9. 1980 Quadangle (STR1) by se666 (15 votes [15.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.96%

  10. '81 JMC Justin Roos Mini (JR1) by dubplatestyle (21 votes [22.34%])

    Percentage of vote: 22.34%




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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) ~~


Please follow the RULES & GUIDELINES to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting 



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1981 Powerlite


-1981 Powerlite frame & fork refinished by C-4 Labs 

      w/ repop decals from Brent

-first gen VDC made Powerlite bars... I would say refinished

-Tange Grips

-Tuf Neck pat. pending 

-Dia compe tech 4, dia compe cable, dia compe mx-1000

 all dated 84

-Acs Z-rims laced to Bullseye hubs

-yellow lable comp-III repop

-Elina seat

-Xcaliber clamp

-Sugino 175 opc

-Sugino spider, 44t SR chainring

-MKS BM-10 Footjaw pedals

-HKK Smoker chain

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_0145.jpg
  • IMG_0146.jpg
  • IMG_0143.jpg
  • IMG_0147.jpg
  • IMG_0148.jpg
  • IMG_0152.jpg
  • IMG_0151.jpg
  • IMG_0149.jpg


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OK, I don't normally enter competitions on BMX forums, but this year I did something unusual for me and actually built up a bike.  This bike is pretty special to me as it is intended to be a replica of the bike I raced in 1980 - 1981 and had probably the best years of my BMX life.


The bike is a Team Quicksilver and it's configuration is as close as I can get to my race bike in mid 1981.  My Avatar photo is me racing that bike at Cardiff, NSW in the Winter Open.


Details of the bike:


  • Team Quicksilver Frame - rechromed by previous owner
  • Tange TRX Forks - rechromed by previous owner
  • Shimano DX Hubs with Aray 7C rims.  Wheels appear to be suvivors - bought off eBay was going to relace, but ended up not bothering.
  • Mongoose OPC.  Survivor, used on the original bike and kept in my "parts bin" from 1983.
  • Addicks Graffite 44T Chainwheel and Red spider.  Rusty Bolts.  Again, original parts from my parts bin.
  • KKT Red Pedals - from the original bike.
  • Red-Line V Bars (not repro)
  • Oakley 0.5 Grips (NOS)
  • Tuff Neck
  • Suntour Headset Lock Nut (NOS from my parts bin)
  • Dia-Compe pre-bent levers  (NOS from my parts bin)
  • Tourney Front Brake (parts bin)
  • Diacompe MX-2 Rear Brake (parts bin)
  • Finned Kool Pad brake pads (parts bin)
  • Original Front Brake Cable
  • Repro Rear Brake Cable
  • Addicks Seat Clamp (NOS from my parts bin)
  • Fluted Alloy Seat Post (repro, I think)
  • Kashimax Seat (NOS) (should be an Elina, but haven't found one yet)
  • Haro Number plate - actual original number plate from the race bike
  • New Chain
  • Repro Quicksilver Frame Pad
  • Original IRC 20 x 2.125 Front Tire
  • Repro Competition 3 20 x 1.75 Rear Tire
  • NOS BB and Head Set Bearings.

So that's it.  It's not 100% correct as a replica, but it's so close that it doesn't matter to me.

Team Quicksilver 81.jpg This is the original bike I built the replica of.  Photo taken in early 1981.

1980 Team Quicksilver 9_1_1.jpg This is the original Haro Numberplate from 1981

cardiff 1981 winter open 2.jpg Racing (and winning) the original bike in June 1981

Attached Thumbnails

  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 5_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 8_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 6_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 7_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 4_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 3_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 2_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 11_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 1a_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 12_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 2a_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 10_1_1.jpg
  • 1980 Team Quicksilver 1_1_1.jpg



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Justin Roos JMC.jpg



'81 JMC Justin Roos Mini (JR1)







’81 JMC Justin Roos Mini (JR1) Prototype Frame

JMC Mini Fork (w/ Modified Drop outs)

O.M.A.S. SuperLight (Alloy) Headset

Fabricated Aluminum Headset Spacer / Lock

Harbor-Lite Mini Stem w/ O.M.A.S. (Alloy) Stem Bolt

1st Gen. VDC Mini Bars

Grab-On MX2 Grips

Cut-down MCS Hot Plate w/ CAM #2 (Hand lettered w/ One Shot Lettering Enamel)

Jammin’ Jimmy Weinert Handlebar Pad (My homage to the first JMC ever made)

Cal-Cycle Aftermarket Compression Lever

C.L.B. Duralinox (Aluminum) Brake Cable Housing

Dia-Compe 500G Brake Caliper (Modified) w/ O.M.A.S. Brake Pivot Bolt and ‘cut down’ Brake Pads

UNI ‘Standard’ Seat (Modified)

Homemade Aluminum Seat Clamp w/ Titanium Bolts

O.M.A.S. B.P.P. (Alloy) Bottom Bracket w/ Titanium Spindle & Crank Bolts

Modified 162.5MM TA Cranks w/ 39T TA Chainring and Bolts

Sedis 4L Special BMX 1/2” x 1/8” Chain

Weyless Pedals w/ Homemade Aluminum Pedal Cages

NISI Serrated Sew-up Rims w/ (Red) Painted Spokes laced to Shimano MX Hubs

Clement Grifo Neve (Rear) Sew-up Tire

Cycle-Pro Snakebelly (Front) Sew-up Tire




(Note: Besides the number plate, seat and headset spacer, all fabricated / modified items were performed ‘back in the day’.)
















Headset Spacer (close-up).JPG




























Justin Roos racing JR1 at the '81 ABA / Dia-Compe Nationals.


Justin Roos '81 ABA_Dia Compe National.jpg



Justin Roos '81.jpg

Posted Image



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That article came out in the Dec'83 issue of BMXAction - I was 15/16 (same age as these young local east coast entrepreneurs) and was awed by the fact these kids started they're own line,I was like "no shit, that's so badass". Back then it was a pretty big deal (at least to me).
As you can see the only magazine reference model they ever got shows a Looptail frame, the story goes, they had an initial company mock up 3, or so, prototypes, but the deal with that company fell thru, which is when Coast Wheels (CW) was commissioned to produce 1 run of 50 framesets.They sold thru to '85, when Peter Dale left for college.
Frames are roughly 19" top tube (though it's beeen said some may have slightly longer lengths, most I've encountered along with mine measure 19). So it's basically a pro sized model.
As you can imagine they are extremely rare and of the 53 or so ever produced, less then 10 are know to be in collector hands.

Tried to build with slight team rider influence and then some. Most won't know or ever heard of these framesets, but I hope you can enjoy it just the same....

Breakdown :
* all finishes and decals are original unless noted otherwise

1983 DALE RACING pro 19" serial DR 1008 (production started 1001)
1983 DALE RACING fork
1983 Race Inc. (rare) RH-7MC "Holeshot) chromoly race bars
OG Oakley B-1B grips (survivor)
Early DK xl (drilled out bitd pulled off a personal acquisition)
Early DK sharp edges head lock collar and 1.5" stiffener
Tange MX-5 alloy speedline headset (stripped survivor, left unpolished)
DC tech III lever (came on the same survivor as the stem)
DC 890 with quick release mod
Kool Stop international brake pads (grey for alloy rims)
Terrycable brake cable
Terrycable (rare) 180mm "Power Cranks"
Modified machined solid disc (used a later Haro disc for desired look)
Alloy chainring bolts
Takagi track 44t
Izumi blue and nickel (survivor)
Shimano DX
Early spare edge DK round seat clamp
Race Inc. chromoly seatpost (thin walled w/proper max height crease)
CyclePro ShotGun II speedline saddle

Wheel set :
1st gen DK (rare) hubs
Asahi double butted stainless steel spokes
OG alloy nipples
UKAI silver speedline rims
Old logo Cheng Shin comp III tires and tubes (both skinnies)

California Lite pad set
70s chrome plated steel axle caps
Zeronine plate
Chrome plated crank dust caps


Subtle details ....
Survivor OG drilled out early DK (key way slot) and DC lever
Pete's Precision Products sealed BB (no cups, press-in bearings) w/rare 180 Terry Cable Power cranks

Parting shots
Posted Image




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1981 JMC Black Shadow

This is a copy of one of my race bikes BITD. I was sponsored by a local BMX Distributor and the owner got me a factory co-sponsor with Bear Development. I was his walking billboard and he wanted me to promote parts that he sold from his company. I raced 20” and Cruiser class. My 20” was a 1981 Black Shadow. My original race bike was promoted to be a light race bike for a 160lb rider so I had drilled out cranks, rims and seat. I didn't drill out any parts on this bike.

Frame: JMC Black Shadow (repowdered with replacement decals)
Forks: JMC (repowdered with replacement decals)
Bars: JMC Pro
Headset: Chris King
Seat Post Clamp: Titron
Saddle/Post: Uni-Seat
Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000/Shimano DX Lever/ Terry Cable/Mathauser
Grips: AME Fini
Cranks: Dura Ace 170mm/Shimano Spindle/Tioga 28T BB/ Shimano Dura Ace 39T Chainwheel
Freewheel: Schwinn 16T
Chain: Sedis Sport
Wheels: Araya 7X Pro Class Rims/Shimano Dura Ace Track Hubs with Titron Titanium Axles/ Asahi Black Spokes w/ gold alloy nipples
Tires: Front 2.1.25 Mitsuboshi Comp III Rear 1.75 Mitsuboshi Comp III
Pads: Bear Development (Reproduction)
Number Plate: Bear Development (Reproduction)

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_1786.JPG
  • IMG_1788.JPG
  • IMG_1790.JPG
  • IMG_1787.JPG
  • IMG_1789.JPG
  • IMG_1792.JPG
  • Iphoto_380.jpg

Troy Dunsmore

Troy Dunsmore

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My submittal:


1981 Laguna 101

  • 1981 Laguna 101 F/F -powdered with custom decals
  • Tange 125 BMX Headset(re-isuue)-new
  • Tange headlock
  • S.S.T Dirtskirt
  • Pro-Neck stem-polished
  • Al's Cook Bros. copy Bars-new
  • Haro Flo-panel plate
  • Hutch(jdb) seatpost clamp-new
  • Tioga seatpost-Nos 
  • Kashimax Aero seat-new
  • Dia-Compe MX 900 caliper dated '82 with Tech 3 Lever dated '82-polished
  • Skyway brake pads with Nos fins
  • Skyway Tuff 2 with metal flanges(50th Anniversary Edition)-new
  • Tioga blue/green label Comp 3 tires
  • MKS Pedals-Nos
  • Tuf-Neck Power disc
  • Sugino 44t chainring-polished
  • Sugino stamped chainring bolts
  • Sugino OPC 175mm
  • Izumi chain

Attached Thumbnails

  • 005.JPG
  • 008.JPG
  • 010.JPG
  • 006.JPG
  • 015.JPG
  • 013.JPG
  • 017.JPG
  • 012.JPG

Edited by Troy Dunsmore, 21 December 2014 - 10:29 PM.



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I bought this bike earlier this year off ebay from the original owner who said he built this bike with his dad circa 1982. The bike was missing the wheels, tires, chain, seat, and seat post. The original bike was done in blue and gold, so I changed out the gold pedals, seat clamp, power disk, and chainwheel for black or blue to better match the frame and z-rims. I decided to use the graphite z-rims, bullseye hubs, UNI seat, and Oakley 3 grips because those were the parts I had on a PK Ripper I used to own as a kid. I'm real happy with how this bike turned out, but I've recently replaced the UNI seat with a Kashimax Aero because I'm just to heavy to ride it with the UNI.

Parts Breakdown:

Frame and Fork- SE Racing w/Original paint and stickers (drive side landing gear stickers were missing and have been replaced)

Drivetrain- Takagi Cro-MO 180 x 24 cranks with Tuff Neck power disc and Suntour 44 chain wheel

Chain- Uzumi

Pedals- Shimano DX

Stem- Cycle Pro

Bars- GT Expert

Grips- Oakley 3

Pads- California Lite (SER pad in first picture is a possible reproduction)

Wheels- 5/81 dated first generation graphite z-rims with Bullseye hubs

Tires- reproduction/re-issue Tioga Comp III yellow label fat and skinny

Seat- UNI Hammerhead

Seat Clamp- Dia Compe

Brakes- Dia Compe MX 1000 w/tech 3 lever

Headset and Bottom Bracket- Tange

1982 SE Racing PK Ripper

Attached Thumbnails

  • ripper 001.JPG
  • ripper 007.JPG
  • ripper 012.JPG
  • ripper 008.JPG
  • ripper 009.JPG
  • ripper 010.JPG
  • ripper 011.JPG
  • ripper 004.JPG
  • ripper 005.JPG
  • ripper 006.JPG



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** This bike will not be on the ballot, as I am not eligible for voting as the host of the event.  However, as with the other bike, I just want to include it as a testament to 2014.  It was a pretty good year for me as far as bikes go.




1985 GJS Big Tube

Entirely Original Finish Throughout


Core elements

  • Frame: Big Tube by GJS
  • Fork: Big Tube by GJS



  • Handlebars: SE Powerwing Tall
  • Stem: Pro Neck II
  • Grips:  Uni Grenade (From the mid 80's!)
  • Headset:  beartrap
  • Headset/Stem Lock:  Suntour  (I've had this particular piece since I was a kid, lot of fun to put it on a bike again)



  • Cranks:  Sugino 180
  • Bottom Bracket:  not sure
  • Sprocket:  44 t Sugino
  • Spider/Disc: Sugino
  • Pedals: Shimano DX
  • Chain: Izumi



  • Brake: Dia-Compe MX 901
  • Lever: tech 4
  • Brake Pads  kool stop
  • Cable:  no name



  • Rims:  Araya 7X satin finish
  • Hubs:  Sunshine
  • Cog/Freewheel:  Shimano 16
  • Tires:  Comp III


The motivation:  I love GJS. I really hold the brand in high regard.  I also really like Jeff Utterback.  He's super humble and just a cool guy.  I also like Long Beach / Signal Hill BMX history.  I relish it.  So GJS really interests me in general.


This bike was featured this past March in our BMX Society Bike Check series.  I will be brief here since it's all been explained before.  Basically... i like to "get into character" when I put a project together.  I like to imagine myself as a kid, back in the era of the bike and try to do something that reasonably approximates what I or another youth of the era would have actually done.  Since these frames are partially hi-ten, they were affordable. They were not the most expensive thing available, and for that reason I think that component choice would have been likely to reflect that same affordable sensibility.  Extremely sick design, but I think of these bikes as a bitchin' work truck, not an exotic sports car.  I tried to build it accordingly.


I really enjoyed this project.



Attached Thumbnails

  • BigTube_Bars_detail.jpg
  • BigTube_BrakeDetail.jpg
  • BigTube.SeatDtl.jpg
  • BigTube.DriveSide.Dtl.jpg
  • BigTube_StemDetail.jpg



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1980 Diamond Back Large Pro

"My 1st Factory Spec Build"

It took me a few years, of collecting the proper parts, to build this factory spec survivor. It's, finally, complete, this year, and it has been my most difficult build, yet. Patience + Determination = Satisfaction!



1980 Diamond Back Large Pro (18).JPG


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro (22).JPG


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro (25).JPG


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro (15).JPG


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro (9).JPG


Parts List:


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro Frame

1980 Diamond Back Dual Dropout Fork

Reproduction Decals

Tange MX-2 Headset
Diamond Back Pro Bars
Sugino "Diamond Back" Stem
OGK Mach I Grips
Dia-Compe Pre-Bent Lever
Original "Diamond Back" Rad Pads

Kashimax "Diamond Back" Seat

Reproduction Seat Decals
Fluted Aluminum Seat Post
Suntour Seat Post Clamp
Sugino Bottom Bracket
Sugino "Diamond Back" Cranks
MKS "Diamond Back" Pedals

Refinished Pedal Ends

Araya 7x Rims
Suzue High Flange Hubs
Suntour Sprocket
D.I.D. Chain
Dia-Compe 890 Rear Brake Caliper
Tioga Reissue Yellow Label Comp III Tires



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Ok, so this one comes with some skepticism. 1981 SE CROMO Loop Quad. I bought this outta France this year as OG finish. I have had a few SE nuts tell me the loop quad was never produced in chrome??? I can assure you this has not been plated using modern processes. This chrome job was done BITD...probably overseas? I say this because I can not get a reliable source to confirm, nor deny what I have here to show y'all. Like I said I bought it from a dude in France, and located  NOS decals and sweet pads complete this beauty.


1981 SE Quadangle

Star Bars

A'ME Fini grips

Wizard plate

DC MX 1000 w/ tech III and Mathauser pads


Square corner Tuf Neck

Hatta headset

Redline 401's

Phil 130 BCD spider

Takagi chain ring

Shimano DX pedals

Araya 7b's w/ Phil hubs, and Asahi spokes

Tioga Comp III's w/ yellow labels

Kashimax MX seat

Race Inc post

DC MX clamp 

SE Quad pad set

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_1886.JPG
  • IMG_1887.JPG
  • IMG_1889.JPG
  • IMG_1888.JPG
  • IMG_1890.JPG
  • IMG_1891.JPG
  • IMG_1892.JPG
  • IMG_1893.JPG
  • IMG_1894.JPG
  • IMG_1895.JPG
  • IMG_1896.JPG



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1980 Quadangle (STR1)


Even though I built this as a replica of Stu's early Se race bike, many here feel that there wer not any production quadangles until 1980. This one is definitely mild steel and OG finish found a few years ago by Darren Chan. I let Larock lease it (LOL) but got it back to finally build it. All og finishes.



FRAME: 1979 or 1980 mild steel Se racing Str1

FORKS: 1979 Race Inc/Cycle Pro fork


STEM: Unstamped Tuff Neck

GRIPS: Oakley II

PADS: OG canvas Se from closed BMX shop out of Wisconsin (MR BMX)

WHEELS: Araya 7b with dated 1978 79 Shimano hubs from Mark OG spokes from closed bike shop inventory

TIRES: Black wall Mitsubishi Competition II 2.125 and 1.75

SEAT POST: OG Laguna solid


SEAT: Early Kashimax

BRAKES: Shimano Tourney with Mathauser shoes

CRANKS: Early Takagi MX with Takagi spider and chainring


LEVER: 1978 Honda dirtbike hand bent like Stu did it

LEVER COVER: 1978 Honda dust cover (MOTO style like we used to run back then)


NUMBER PLATE: Hand cut like Bob Haro originally did for Stu by Michael Gamsetter (This is a lost art like the Pickle used to do BITD)

Attached Thumbnails

  • P1000439.JPG
  • P1000435.JPG
  • P1000428.JPG
  • P1000430.JPG
  • P1000441.JPG
  • P1000429.JPG
  • P1000442.JPG
  • P1000444.JPG
  • P1000426.JPG
  • 1074641_216434301846255_1881172296_o_zps74764670.jpg

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