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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)

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23 replies to this topic

Poll: OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) (115 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite

  1. 1981 S.E. Racing Basher, by SHADESSEAN (2 votes [1.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.74%

  2. PK Ripper, by vintage chromoly (1 votes [0.87%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.87%

  3. 1980 SE STR-1, by Joe Buffardi (8 votes [6.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.96%

  4. 1981 Schwinn Sting, by oldbuzzard (4 votes [3.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.48%

  5. 1981 Cook Bros Racing, by stidds (7 votes [6.09%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.09%

  6. 1980 Speed Unlimited-Thruster, by cward (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  7. 1981 NOMURA Race #28, by se666 (13 votes [11.30%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.30%

  8. 1983 Race Inc RM2, by cward (1 votes [0.87%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.87%

  9. 1982 RRS 20", by TrulyOdd (25 votes [21.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 21.74%

  10. 1980 Nomura NR DG-014, by bboygraphix (4 votes [3.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.48%

  11. 1981 Looptail PK Ripper, by OLDSKOOLPK (6 votes [5.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.22%

  12. 1980 GJS, by se666 (8 votes [6.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.96%

  13. 1983 Hutch Pro Star 24K Gold plated by AverageJoe (4 votes [3.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.48%

  14. Thruster Bipower by akcuda (1 votes [0.87%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.87%

  15. Pre 1982 Powerlite by nycet3 (3 votes [2.61%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.61%

  16. 1982 Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo by AverageJoe (5 votes [4.35%])

    Percentage of vote: 4.35%

  17. 1980 Schwinn Sting by Contender (3 votes [2.61%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.61%

  18. 1980 Race Inc by 66alfa_gtv (6 votes [5.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.22%

  19. 1984 SE Racing, PK Ripper Looptail by AverageJoe (2 votes [1.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.74%

  20. 1982 SE Racing PK Ripper by Ripperdude (6 votes [5.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.22%

  21. 83 PK Ripper by nonamecruiser (2 votes [1.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.74%

  22. 1983 Vector Mark 2 by Jonny Reb (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  23. 80s GJS by reilley1 (4 votes [3.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.48%




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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) ~~

Please follow the RULES & GUIDELINES to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting



    © shadessean

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1981 S.E. Racing Basher

I picked this simi-survivor S.E. Basher project from the original owner, that he never completed back in 1981/82...it moved around a lot,, thru school, work, marriage, kids, etc.

30 years later, and a few parts... It rolls for the first time;


Tange TX-1200

Race inc.(with SE sticker)

Tuf-Neck pat pend.

Rear Hub;
Shimano 333

Front Hub;


Cycle Pro Snake Belly

2 tone butted, 4cross SS

Ashtabula 7" Cro-Mo cranks. Date coded 1981 (red)



Tuf Neck

Seat Post Clamp;

Seat Post;


Brake Rear;
Dia Comp

Brake Lever;
Dia Comp

Brake Shoes;
Tuf Pad


all original finishes

old Basher news flash;
Posted Image

Attached Thumbnails

  • DSCN7739-1.jpg
  • DSCN7745-1.jpg
  • DSCN7742-1.jpg
  • DSCN7741-1.jpg
  • DSCN7744-1.jpg
  • DSCN7749-1.jpg
  • DSCN7748-1.jpg
  • 2012-01-13 20.38.48.jpg
  • 2012-01-14 11.38.54.jpg
  • 2012-01-14 11.58.56.jpg
  • 2012-01-13 20.40.07.jpg

vintage chromoly

vintage chromoly

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this is a bike i've been working on for a year or so.

early eighties loop pk in a pretty rare off redish color.

i tried to bring it back to "box stock" with the only exception being the pedals.

frame: original finish loop pk. real deal decals.

fork: original finish landing gear with real decals

bars: original finish and decal powerwings (these are authentic old school! not the bogus absolutely mint, found in scotts vault bs jobs)

stem: original finish sr "gold top" stem (factory correct)

seat & post: troxel se seat and post with the correct se label on the sides.

seat post clamp: gold sr

grips: oakley .5

brakes: mx 1000 with tech 3 levers and real dia compe cables

cranks: sr opc.

spider: sr

chainring: sr 44t

pedals: suntour mp1000

chain: izumi gold

rims: ukai speedlines

hubs: sr high flange

tires: original but worn tioga yellow label fat & skinny

pas: original se padset

i brought this frame to the reunion a couple years ago and talked to perry about it. he said scott made very few of them in this red color. he was gracious enough to autograph it for me.

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  • DSC00002.JPG
  • DSC00005.JPG
  • DSC00010.JPG
  • DSC00011.JPG
  • DSC00008.JPG
  • DSC00012.JPG
  • DSC00013.JPG
  • DSC00019.JPG
  • DSC00017.JPG
  • DSC00029.JPG
  • DSC00031.JPG
  • DSC00003.JPG

Joe Buffardi

Joe Buffardi

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1980 SE STR-1

I actually finished this bike at the Bicycle Source in Anaheim in the parking lot. I found the brakes from a guy a the swap and the SE pad set from Eddie Fiola. I love to build bikes in the parking lot, ask Larock it drives him crazy. HAHAHA. Hope you dig it.

Frame and fork re-painted by me - SE STR-1
w/ black dirt skirt
Bars- Torker
Stem- CEBE
grips -OURY
Brakes- Shimano Tourney
Cranks- Takagi
Spider- Takagi
Chainwheel- Takagi
Chain - IZUMI
Freewheel - Shimano
Pedals- KKT
BB- Pete's Precision
Wheels- Araya 7C Survivor cond.
Hubs- 1978 Shimano Dura Ace
Tires- Front Michelin Comp II
Rear- Cheng Shin
Seat- Viscount
Post- Chromoly
Seat clamp- Excaliber
Pads are used and bought from Eddie Fiola

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_9625.JPG
  • IMG_9626.JPG
  • IMG_9628.JPG
  • IMG_9629.JPG



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1981 Schwinn Sting
Sting frame and fork
The frame has been refinished
repro decals
brooks b18 seat
Ukai rims
Sunshine hubs
Schwinn tractor tire on rear
Snake belly on front
weinmann type 1024 brake caliper
Schwinn sting cranks
Mks bm-10 pedals
Schwinn sting head set
Sting bars
Schwinn stem
Schwinn seat post and clamp
OG Schwinn frame pad
Repro bar pad

Attached Thumbnails

  • DSC09842 - Copy.JPG
  • DSC09836 - Copy.JPG
  • DSC09837 - Copy.JPG
  • DSC09838 - Copy.JPG
  • DSC09839 - Copy.JPG
  • DSC09840 - Copy.JPG




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1981 Cook Bros Racing.

This frame has a euro bottom bracket and integral chain adjusters. The chrome on the frame and forks is the original chrome.

The only reproduction part is the decals.

Frame - 1981 Cook Bros Racing Pro
Forks - Cook Bros Racing
Headset - Tange
Bars - Cook Bros Racing
Grips - Oury
Stem - Cook Bros Racing slanted
Brake Lever - Dia-Compe Pre-Bent
Brake Caliper - Dia-Compe 1020
Cranks - Cook Bros Racing
Pedals - Cycle Pro
Chainring - Sugino
Bottom Bracket - Cook Bros Racing Euro sealed
Chain - DID
Rims - Spencer alloy
Hubs - Cook Bros Racing
Tyres - IRC or Cheng Shin Comp III (depending on what I choose that day)
Seat Clamp - Cook Bros Racing
Seat Post - Cook Bros Racing (both straight and lay back)
Seat - Kashimax MX Leather
Padset - Cook Bros Racing

Attached Thumbnails

  • SAM_2525resize.jpg
  • SAM_2528resize.jpg
  • SAM_2779resize.jpg
  • SAM_2778resize.jpg
  • SAM_2533resize.jpg



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1980 Speed Unlimited-Thruster
This is a re-creation of my childhood bike, and was the first bike I raced. I am the original owner of the frame, but the rest of the parts are not original to the frame. The parts were chosen from what I had on the bike at one time or another, and if I remember correctly, I purchased the Thruster frame in 1980.

Frame: Thruster Vanishing Point (refinished, mix of OG and repro decals)
Fork: SE non stamped Landing Gear (refinished/repro decals)
Seatpost: Thruster (OG)
Bars: Race Inc chromoly (uncut OG finish)
Hubs: Suzue large flange
Rims: ACS Z-Rims
Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp II-blue/green label (20X1.75 and20X2.125)
Crankset: Sugino 170mm chromoly
Sprocket: Sugino 44T
Freewheel: Suntour 16T
Bottom Bracket: Tioga Loose Bearing
Pedals: Suntour XC-II
Seat: Kashimax
Seat Clamp: Xcaliber
Chain: Izumi Nickel
Stem: Tuf Neck
Headset: Tioga
Grips: Oakley 1
Brake Caliper: Dia-Compe MX-1000
Brake Lever: Shimano DX
Brake Pads: Kool Stop
Cable: Dia Compe
Number Plate: Neal
Pads: Johar CaliforniaLite
Misc: Dia Compe brake hold downs

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  • IMG_4374.JPG
  • IMG_4382.JPG
  • IMG_4383.JPG
  • IMG_4384.JPG
  • IMG_4385.JPG
  • IMG_4381.JPG



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1981 NOMURA Race #28

OG finish original decal green anno Nomura 20" early race frame (1981? from serial number #NR DG 028). I got this frame from da G ryd, it had a small weld repair to the top of the seat mast which I had a friend reweld and a very small amount of candy green paint was applied over that small spot thus saving the original finish and decals. You cannot even tell where it was repaired unless you look very closely. The paint matvch was done by a high end car painted friend of 1vwnut.

FRAME: 1981 Nomura race 20" with OG finish and OG decals
FORK: OG used mint prior to install, Bottema M-1 1st gen
HANDLEBARS: OG finish Champion Pro bars
GRIPS: Oakley .5 well used
STEM: 1st gen ESP
RIMS: 1st gen Graphite tuff wheels great condition
HUBS: Campy
BRAKES: Dia Compe MX1000 (caliper dated 1982)
BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop 1st gen
TIRES: Comp II 2.125 front and 1.75 Cyclepro snakebelly rear both mint used
PEDALS: Shimano DX
CRANKS: 2nd Gen Profile with sealed BB, spacers, washers, and fasteners.
SPIDER: 2nd Gen Profile spider
CHAIN RING: 43 Takagi
FREEWHEEL: Suntour 17T
SEAT: Elina 1982 black bolt
SEAT POST: Gary little John
PADS: Cal lite Og




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1983 Race Inc RM2

I got a deal on this frame/fork, and although I don't remember seeing many chromoly Race Inc frames back in the day, I've been really attracted to them. I built this with my oldest son (9) as a project, and I wanted to recreate a lite race bike like some of my buddies used to race.

Frame: Race Inc RM2 (refinished prior to my ownership/repro decals)
Fork: Race Inc (refinished prior to my ownership/repro decals)
Seatpost: Race Inc
Bars: Race Inc
Hubs: Suzue small flange loose ball
Rims: Ukai 20"X1-3/8"
Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp III-yellow label (20X1-3/8" front/rear)
Crankset: Sugino Super Maxi (165mm)
Sprocket: Sugino 44T
Freewheel: Suntour 16T
Bottom Bracket: YST sealed
Pedals: Shimano DX

Seat: Kashimax
Seat Clamp: Suntour
Chain: Aeros
Stem: Tuf Neck
Headset: Tioga
Grips: Oakley 2
Brake Caliper: Dia-Compe
Brake Lever: Dia Compe
Brake Pads: Skyway
Cable: Dia Compe
Number Plate: Haro Series 1
Pads: Johar California Lite
Misc: BS Dirt Skirt

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  • IMG_4399.JPG
  • IMG_4388.JPG
  • IMG_4404.JPG
  • IMG_4398.JPG
  • IMG_4391.JPG
  • IMG_4394.JPG
  • IMG_4395.JPG



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1982 RRS 20"

Everything on this bike is original finish. Nothing has been repainted or restored.
This was the personal race frame & fork of ex-factory RRS rider Richard Kerr (who later went on to create the midschool company Rumblefish). I purchased it directly from him a couple years ago.

Frame: RRS 20" (original paint & decals)
Bottom Bracket: (Eccentric 2 Piece) Hadley Bearings

Fork: RRS 20" (original paint & decals)
HandleBars: MCS Pro Size
Grips: OAKLEY .5
Rims: ARAYA 7X
Tires: IRC Z-1 (Comp 2 style, fat/skinny)
Brake Calipers: DIA-COMPE canti-mount
Brake Shoes: KOOL STOP Finned canti-mount

Lever: DIA-COMPE Tech 3
Cable Clamps: DIA-COMPE

Post: Unstamped 14" (Chromoly)
Seatclamp: SUNTOUR
Cranks: REDLINE Flights (single pinch)
Spindle: REDLINE (double dimple)

Pedals: KKT (Rat Trap)
Chain: D.I.D.
Chainring: REDLINE (1st gen)
Freewheel: SUNTOUR (chrome)






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1980 Nomura NR DG-014
"Nomura under the house"


This is a very early Nomura with an interesting story! This frame, serial number 14, was found in severe disrepair under a Santa Barbara house in early 2011. The frame itself was originally acquired from Wade Nomura back in the 80's or 90's by the sellers father. I purchased this frame along with a length of original Nomura downtube from True Radius Bending. The seller and his brother (shout out to Diego & Joe A.) were nice enough to arrange delivery and pickup from Dave Gilkeson ("DG" in the serial # of most Nomuras), the original welder at Precision Welding. Working with Dave was a charm and he fixed the cracked downtube to original spec. He mentioned that this was repaired better than new because BITD he used to get paid by-the-frame so a lot of the welds were not his best work as they cranked them out of the shop. After I got the frame back from Dave, I contacted the guys at Custom Metal Finishing who originally did all the ball burnishing for SE racing in the 80's. They polished out the pits and ball burnished the frame to perfection while maintaining the detail in the welds and the original serial #. All I can say is that this baby shines like new and rides like a dream! A big thank-you is owed to everyone who helped me with advice, knowledge, and parts for this build... Joe & Diego A., Pat se666, Jon OLDSKOOLPK, Patrick TrulyOdd and yes, even resident Nomura expert Bomat. ;)

The frame as-found underneath the Santa Barbara house:


Original welder Dave Gilkeson sees his handiwork for the first time in nearly 32 years!


Restored back to its former glory:


Parts List:
  • Restored 1980 Nomura 20" - 14th frame (by serial#)
  • Bottema M-1 fork
  • NOS Star Bars*
  • Oakley B-2 grips*
  • Hutch Deep-H stem in OG black
  • DK Flex fighter*
  • Tange MX-5 headset
  • Profile 3rd Gen cranks & BB (re-chromed)
  • Cooks Spider*
  • Tuf Neck chainring*
  • Sugino chainring bolts*
  • Izumi silver & gold chain*
  • OS Bullseye Pedals*
  • 2nd Gen SST racelace hubs
  • Ukai speedline wheels
  • CyclePro Snakebelly tires*
  • Rad Kaps*
  • Dia Compe MX 1000 rear brake
  • Shimano DX lever*
  • Terry Cable*
  • Scott Mathauser finned brake pads
  • Dia Compe MX two-piece seatpost clamp*
  • SE Racing 13/16 seatpost
  • Kashimax MX seat*
  • OG Nomura frame pad + repop bar pad
  • Repop Nomura decals
  • Original Hot Plate - please do not consider the Hot Plate in judging this bike. it is now owned by SE666

Items with a (*) were NOS before mounting.

Detailed photos:





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1981 Looptail PK Ripper

Everything on this bike is original finish, NOS or Used.
I built this PK with thoughts and the envision of a REAL bike...a budget, grass mowing, paper route funded bike.

Frame: 1981 Candy Red SE Racing PK RIPPER
Fork: Candy Red Unstamped SE Racing Landing Gear
Cranks: Takagi 175
Spider: Takagi
Chainring: 44 tooth Takagi
Pedals: MKS Rat Traps *
Chain: Sedis chain
Bottom Bracket: Tange BB
Grips: Grab On
Number Plate: Haro Series 1 with all NOS decals applied *
Handlebars: SE Racing Powerwing bars *
Stem: Square Corner Tuf Neck
Headset: Tange
Padset: Superline SE Racing *
Seatpost Clamp: Dia Compe 2 piece
Seatpost: 14 inch SE Racing 13/16
Seat: Elina
Brake Caliper: Dia Compe MX-1000
Brake Pads: Mathauser *
Brake Lever: Dia Compe
Brake cable/housing: Gold translucent *
Hoops: Araya 7c hoops *
Hubs: Suntour Cassette low flange *
Front Tire: Carlisle Aggressor MX front tire *
Rear Tire: Carlisle MX200 Rear tire *

* denotes NOS Part(s)

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  • BOTY2012 001.JPG
  • BOTY2012 002.JPG
  • BOTY2012 003.JPG
  • BOTY2012 004.JPG
  • BOTY2012 005.JPG
  • BOTY2012 006.JPG
  • BOTY2012 007.JPG
  • BOTY2012 008.JPG
  • BOTY2012 009.JPG
  • BOTY2012 010.JPG
  • BOTY2012 011.JPG



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1980 GJS

I got this badboy to build an era specific race bike like would have been BITD. I was lucky to acquire the FF set that had been sitting in a bikeshop partially built on display since the 80's! All original finishes and mint or NOS parts were sourced for the build.

FRAME: 1980 GJS A frame with OG finish and OG decals
HANDLEBARS: OG finish Champion Pro bars
GRIPS: Oakley 2
STEM: OG finish Tuff neck 2nd gen
RIMS: OG mint Araya 7X
HUBS: Dura Ace
BRAKES: Shimano Tourney
BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop 1st gen
TIRES: Carlisle Aggressor MX 2.125 front and 1.75 Cyclepro snakebelly rear both NOS
Bottom Bracket: NOS Cook Bros
CRANKS: NOS 1980 Dura Ace
CHAIN RING: Dura Ace 44T
FREEWHEEL: Shimano 17T
SEAT: Elina Super
SEAT POST: Ultra Max
SEAT CLAMP: Dia Comp 2 piece
PADS: OG Rad Pads

Attached Thumbnails

  • gjs2.jpg
  • gjs3.jpg
  • gjs4.jpg
  • gjs5.jpg
  • gjs 1.jpg
  • gjs6.jpg

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1983 Hutch Pro Star 24K Gold plated. :Bling:


First of all i'm a new member that just signed up to BMX Society. I have a few bikes I would like to show you but this is the most expensive and difficult to build bike I will most probley ever build. Me a a few friends organised a Sydney old school BMX show last October (BMXPO 2012). This bike was finished a week before and was revelled at the show. Rock star style :rawks: , with promo girls and photo shoot. It was awesome. :Cool_LikeThat:

I have wanted to build a Gold Bike for a long time. I was looking at and missed out on a few Gold Trick Stars, but me being really a old school race bike fan, I finally had the opportunity to buy a Gold Pro Star frame and fork that I found on eBay in Spain. This bike looks totally amazing, very happy how it came out. I'm not sure how many gold Pro Stars are out there but I do know there is not a lot.......Hope you like it, as much as I enjoyed puting it together..... :CashMoney:

83 Hutch Pro Star Frame (123 serial number),
Undrilled Hutch fork,
Hutch Pro Bars,
Hutch deep H stem,
Hutch Grips,
Peregrine Cranks,
Hutch disc with Tuff neck chainwheel,
ACS Z Rims and Suzue hubs,
Hutch pedals, (original)
Hutch lay back seat post,
Hutch seat clamp, (first gen)
Dia compe MX 1000 brake,
Tech 3 lever,
Hutch headset lock,
Reissued comp 3 tyres,
Izumi chain.

Attached Thumbnails

  • 24ct_gold_plated_hutch_bmx_1_by_photozok-d5gr0zr.jpg
  • file-52.jpg
  • file-67.jpg
  • file-68.jpg
  • file-75.jpg
  • file-70.jpg
  • file-69.jpg
  • file-49.jpg
  • file-76.jpg
  • file-74.jpg
  • promo_girls_3_by_photozok-d5gqrrk.jpg
  • 24ct_gold_bmx_detail_1_by_photozok-d5gq3tp.jpg
  • hutch1.jpg
  • file-190.jpg
  • 2012-09-30114751.jpg
  • BMXPO me and girls.jpg
  • hutch22.jpg
  • hutch 24.jpg
  • Hutch25.jpg
  • hutch23.jpg
  • hutch 25.jpg
  • hutch26.jpg
  • hutch27.jpg



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Here it is boys—the last of the Thrusters! I bought this frame set from a Thruster collector friend of mine earlier this year. He got it from overseas. I'm not sure the exact year, but would guess it to be a 1985. I dig the ovalized down tube and machined bottom bracket. There’s an old bike shop decal on the bars which is cool. Everything is either original finish or NOS as noted. The cranks were polished out, but are original chrome. The decals are reproduction from the original company/person who made them for Thruster BITD. They were even made on the same machines and the gentleman has since retired. No repro items other than that. My first build with colored tires :) It's pretty simple, but I'm pleased with how it turned out—I hope you like!

Frame: Thruster Bipower
Fork: Thruster
Headset: Hatta MX-10
Cranks: Takagi 180mm
BB: Takagi
Power Disc: Tuf Neck NOS
Sprocket: PPP 44T NOS
Chain: DID
Pedals: MKS BM-10 Foot Jaws NOS
Seat: Kashimax MX NOS
Clamp: Dia-Compe hinged NOS
Post: unknown (but vintage) chromoly
Bars: Thruster
Stem: Tuf Neck
Grips: Oury
Brake: Dia-Compe MX-1000 NOS
Brake Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 3 NOS
Brake Cable: Dia-Compe NOS
Brake Pads: Skyway Tuff Pads NOS
Rims: Ukai box NOS
Hubs: Sunshine sealed NOS
Front Tire: Mitsuboshi Comp III 1.75 NOS
Rear Tire: Mitsuboshi Comp II 1.75 NOS
Stem Pad: Thruster vinyl NOS
Frame Pad: Thruster nylon
H-Bar Pad: Rad Pad vinyl NOS

Attached Thumbnails

  • Bipower-1.jpg
  • Bipower-2.jpg
  • Bipower-3.jpg
  • Bipower-4.jpg

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Pre 1982 Powerlite

I built this exactly like I would have bitd: For racing on weekends and bashing through the woods and trails of South Eastern Massachusetts every other day. (Turns out it works pretty well in Toronto, too.)

Frame and Fork: Powerlite, original chrome finish and decals (including bike shop and Illinois license decals)
Wheels: Steel flange Tuff Wheel II's
Tires: Cheng Shin 2.125 knobby in front; IRC Super MX4 1.75 rear.
Bars: gold fluted (VDC?)
Grips: Oury (recently manufactured)
Stem: Redline Super Proline
Headset: Tange
Seat: Elina lightning bolt
Seat post: Redline nickel (reproduction decal)
Seat post clamp: xcaliber
Spider, chainring and bolts: Addicks
Cranks: Schwinn issued Ashtabula
Bottom bracket: Schwinn
Pedals: MKS rat traps.
Chain: DID nickel




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1982 Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo :Cool_LikeThat:


BITD My parents wouldn't buy me a BMX, so I had to do it my self with milk run money I made working with my uncle, I swapped a kid at school a electronic hand held game for a second hand 79 Diamond back frame and fork, slowly I built it up with what ever parts I could afford on it. Turned out a cool bike. So I knew I had to have a DB in my collection. So this came up for sale 5 months ago but just needed a few more parts to finish it off but I knew I had to have it as a turbo was way out of my reach BITD. Very cool Bike.

FRAME/FORKS - 1982 HLT - Painted Jet black in 2 pack Paint
BARS - DB Pro's Rechromed
GRIPS - Oakley B2's
STEM - HLT Polished
HEADSET - NOS Tange 125
SEAT - DB 5 star kashimax
SEAT CLAMP - SR with text hand painted
LEVERS - Tech 3
BRAKE - MX 1000 with custom decal
TIRES - NOS Blue Green label Comp III's (both 1.75's)
WHEELS - Araya 7x polished with NOS suzue sealed hubs
CRANKS - Full HLT (Rechromed)
PEDALS - MKS Diamondback BM7's (Rechromed)
CHAIN - Izumi
FREEWHEEL - Suntour 16t
PADS Custom Made

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This is my old Sting frame and fork given back to me by my cousin 2007. I was looking for any old school bike to put together and ride. It took awhile to find the parts missing. It was purchased BITD as a frame/fork set, and I just threw everything from my previous bike on it that would fit. The parts selection is pretty close save a few items. The finish and stickers are original, just a little polish and clean up.

Aug. 1980 Schwinn Sting Frame/Sting fork by Tange

Pat. Pending Z Rims, with Sunshine sealed hubs

Comp II 20x2 125 front, 1.75 Comp III on rear

Takagi MX 175s, MKS BM 7s, Sugino Spider, Suntour sprocket

OG Schwinn stamped Suntor clamp/Strong post, Jaguar II seat

Tuff Neck bars, Tuff Neck 2000 stem, A'ME grips

Shimano bent lever, and caliper

Old Cal Lite pads

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1980 Race Inc

Retaining original finishes, this Race Inc has been assembled with complimentary parts in used, but not too used, condition.
The frame is aluminum, anodized blue. The personality of it's life has been kept intact. Minor scuffs and blemishes can be found everywhere, but the luster and history of this bike has not been secreted away behind fresh paint.
I built this to represent a light-weight, sturdy bike typical of the era. All parts, to the best of my knowledge, were available around 1979-1981. I made sure the bike was clean enough when completed, but I did not over-do it. The hubs still have a light film of oil, grime and grease in places from BITD. I was not troubled by the light amount of dirt on the pedals. It's probably been there for decades.

Parts include:

Frame: 1980 Race Inc
Forks: Race Inc
Stem: Suntour? It came off a 1980 JMC
Bars: Race Inc
Grips: Oury
Cranks: Super Maxy
Pedals: KKT
Chain: HKK Smoker
Seat: Uni
Seat Clamp: Cycle Pro
Rims: Araya 7B
Hubs: Shimano Low Flange
Tires: Cycle Pro Snakebellies
Brakes: Dia Compe center pull calirs / Lever
Brake Pads: Tuff pads

race inc_g.jpg

race inc_e.jpg

race inc_f.jpg

race inc_d.jpg

race inc_a.jpg

race inc_c.jpg

race inc_i.jpg

race inc_j.jpg

race inc_k.jpg

race inc_l.jpg

race inc_h.jpg

race inc_b.jpg

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1984 SE Racing, PK Ripper Looptail :Cool_LikeThat:


Another SE PK to add to the List, Frame had a new seat post mask and dropouts repaired and powder coated at C4 Labs. Came back as good as new. This is my favorite bike, Hope you like it.

1984 PK Ripper Frame
Landing gear forks (unstamped)
Shimano DX cranks.
Power wing bars, nos
Tuff Neck Stem, pro model
Oakley B-1B grips
Araya 7X rims
Suzue high flange hubs
Dia Compe MX1000 brakes (81) nos
Shimano DX Lever nos
Shimano PD-MX15 pedals nos
Kashimax Aero seat (82)
Reissued Gold Label Comp 3 tires
Izumi Chain
Neco alloy head set
Cr-mo seat post
Dia Compe MX 2 bolt seat clamp
Custom Pads

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