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MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000)

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14 replies to this topic

Poll: MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000) (93 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite

  1. 97 Gary Fisher Pro issue, by jz56oval (1 votes [1.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.08%

  2. 1993 S&M Challenger by Dipsomaniac (8 votes [8.60%])

    Percentage of vote: 8.60%

  3. 98 Reynolds Supermodel by Spur (3 votes [3.23%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.23%

  4. 1991 R.L. Inc. Bully Bashguard by Darkman (5 votes [5.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.38%

  5. 1993 Kastan Proline with Unistrut by wagonguy (17 votes [18.28%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.28%

  6. 1999 Sunn Granroyal Cristophe Levecque signature model by wagonguy (1 votes [1.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.08%

  7. 1996 S&M Challenger by wagonguy (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  8. PK Ripper by BAD-SHOT (2 votes [2.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.15%

  9. 89 Free Agent Limo Team Replica by kcmobmx (2 votes [2.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.15%

  10. 1988 White Bear Pro by 88rc31 (11 votes [11.83%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.83%

  11. 1994 Free Agent Limo by 88rc31 (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  12. 1992 hawk f-20 by RadRoss (13 votes [13.98%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.98%

  13. S&M Mad Dog Pro by Nbl 49a (27 votes [29.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.03%

  14. late 93 S&M dirtbike by RadRoss (3 votes [3.23%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.23%




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~~ MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000) ~~

All submissions should be in accord with the BOTY RULES

Please READ and follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.



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This was my race bike back in 97 and got rid of it and wish I never did. It took me up till last year to find just a frame and then finish this year. Only 250 frames made.

-'97 Gary Fisher Pro issue frame
-Answer forks
-Answer bars (black)
-chris King headset(Rasta colors)
-Profile stem
-Magura brake(hydraulic)
-GT grips
-GT seat
-Odyssey black widow pedals
-Odyssey black widow cranks(black)
-Odyssey black widow chain ring
-Spin wheels with og red decals
-Bullseye stem lock

Attached Thumbnails

  • GF Pro Issue (27).JPG
  • GF Pro Issue (25).JPG
  • GF Pro Issue (22).JPG
  • GF Pro Issue (24).JPG
  • GF Pro Issue (28).JPG



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1993 S&M Challenger

FRAME - S&M Challenger (Reproduction decals)
FORK - S&M Challenger (Reproduction decals)
BARS - S&M Challenger
GRIPS - A'me Tri Bubble font (Glow in the dark)
LEVER - Dia Compe Tech 77
CALIPER - Odyssey Pitbull
HEADSET - Tioga beartrap
CRANK - 180mm GT stamped Profile
CHAIN - IZUMI (Reissue)
CHAIN ring - 44T Profile Ripsaw
PEDALS - Odyssey Triple Trap with Crupi cages
RIMS - Sun Chinook
HUBS - GT Race (32H)
TYRES - Tioga Comp 3 (Reissue)
SEAT - Selle Turbo




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Everything listed is original finish, decals etc.
98 Reynolds Supermodel Frame (21" TT), Reynolds fork
Atomic Stem
S&M Slam Bars (Slam Dunks)
Atomic V-brake lever
ODI Roughneck grips
Profile Cranks, 180mm
Profile Whippet 44T Sprocket
S&M pedals
Shimano IG chain
Shimano Deore XT V-brake, Shimano pads
Some old brake cable that came with the frame
Araya Super 7x rims (perfect chrome) laced to Shimano DX Hubs
Mitsuboshi rainbow label blackwall Comp III's
Generic "Primo Rod" rocker type seatpost 26.8 mm
SDG Comp saddle (stamped 5-98)
TNT seat post clamp
Crupi chain tensioners
Chane Plate
Sweet Bros. pad set

Attached Thumbnails

  • DSCN4150.JPG
  • DSCN4152.JPG
  • DSCN4153.JPG
  • DSCN4156.JPG
  • DSCN4157.JPG
  • DSCN4158.JPG
  • DSCN4159.JPG
  • DSCN4160.JPG
  • DSCN4161.JPG
  • DSCN4162.JPG
  • DSCN4165.JPG
  • DSCN4166.JPG
  • DSCN4167.JPG



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1991 R.L. Inc. Bully Bashguard

FRAME - Bully Bashguard Series 1 (Original Owner)
FORK - Matching original Bully fork
STEM - GT Piston
BARS - GT Performer
LEVER - GT with brake locks
FRONT CALIPER - Falcon "M" with Dia- Compe pads
REAR CALIPER - Dia-Compe Bulldog with Dia-Compe pads
CRANK - Unknown Cr-Mo one piece
CHAIN - Izumi
CHAIN ring - Matching original Bully CD Sprocket
PEDALS - N.O.S. Odyssey Triple Trap
RIMS - Weinman ZAC 48H
HUBS - GT 48H roller ball
CLAMP - Matching original Bully
SEAT - Unknown N.O.S. padded seat from Local Bike Shop
SEAT POST - Drain Pipe

Bully rebuild 12-13-12 (resized).JPG

Note: More pictures coming real soon, just wanted to get the bike entered before the deadline. Hope that's ok...



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1993 Kastan Proline with Unistrut

Ran into a friend from work at the auto parts store, who knew I was into old BMX (I bought his old sidehack off craigslist about a year before this). He asked if I wanted his old Kastan that he used to race, that it was just taking up room in the shed. I flew home and finished repairing my truck and headed to his house. When I got there, he informed me that his kids had decided that they wanted to keep it around. Bummer. After hanging out there for a while shooting the breeze about the truck he was working on, his wife came out and told us the kids changed their minds. Sweet. The only thing I changed was the seat, tires, brake cable, and put repop decals on the cranks (that kept me out of the survivor class lol).

Frame - 1993 Kastan Proline
Fork/hub - Kastan Unistrut
Bars - Kastan
Headset - GT
Stem - DK
Grips - ATI Pistol Grips
Seatpost - Strong
Seatpost Clamp - GT
Brakes - Odyssey Pitbull with Matthauser pads
Seat - Odyssey Svelte
Pedals - VP-500
Cranks - Redline flight 401's (repop decals)
Chainring - Sugino
Wheels - RB-17 hoops, Bullseye hub rear
Tires - Rainbow label Comp III front, Cheng Shin rear

As found
photo 1.jpg

Cleaned up



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1999 Sunn Granroyal Cristophe Levecque signature model

I have bought 2 of these frames several years apart (the other one has downtube damage). Surprisingly, they have consecutive serial numbers. Neither one came with the correct forks, but I was able to find them separately on ebay also. Put it together this year finally.

Frame/forks - Sunn Granroyal
Bars - GT Pro .065
Stem - Atomlab
Grips - ODI Longneck
Brakes - Shimano DX, Dia Compe 7EXA lever
Cranks - Profile
Chainwheel - Profile
Pedals - Atomlab Flatboy 2
Wheels - Mavic hoops Nukeproof carbon fiber hubs
Seat - Selle San Marco Tecno Dynamica
Seatpost - unknown
Tires - Primo Dirtmaster rear, Snafu Knobjob front

Attached Thumbnails

  • boty21.jpg
  • boty22.jpg
  • boty23.jpg
  • boty24.jpg
  • boty25.jpg
  • boty26.jpg



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1996 S&M Challenger

This one isn't perfect, and may get more upgrades, but what the heck. This has the more unusual decal set, same frame as the International Challenger. Bought it as a complete, but changed a bunch of parts to make it more correct.

Frame/fork - 96 S&M Challenger
Bars - S&M Slam (cut)
Grips - ATI
Wheels - Zac hoops, GT Mohawk hubs
Seat - GT
Seatpost - unknown (has old "made in usa" S&M decal, but don't know if it is a real POP)
Seatpost clamp - Odyssey
Cranks - Fabweld
Chainwheel - TNT
Stem - DK
Brakes - unknown
Tires - Maxxis

Attached Thumbnails

  • boty27.jpg
  • boty28.jpg
  • boty29.jpg
  • boty30.jpg
  • boty31.jpg



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PK Ripper

Frame: Mid 90s Ripper frame
Fork: Supercross Radix
Wheels: Sun BFR
Hubs: Bullseye
Brake: Hershey Racing-Odyssey lever
Pedals: Primo Pro
Seat: UNI trubo
Chain: Isumi
Chainring: Hutch
Bars: Kore Kandy bars
Stem: GT piston stem
Frame Pad: Rad
Grips: AME Tri
Headset: SE Racing
Tires: Kenda comp III style

Attached Thumbnails

  • 104_0164.JPG
  • 104_0163.JPG
  • 104_0162.JPG
  • 104_0161.JPG
  • 104_0158.JPG
  • 104_0157.JPG
  • 104_0165-002.JPG
  • 104_0166.JPG
  • 104_0167.JPG
  • 104_0168-001.JPG

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New life for an old flame...
89 Free Agent Limo Team Replica F+F
The frame has been powdercoated candy red over chrome on the front half like some of the team issue frames of the era, this one being Kenny May style.
new og replacement decals
late 80s GT pro bars
DK XL stem
Ati Pistol Grips
VG bar ends
VG brake lever
VG Spurs
VG valve caps
Bomber pads
Turbo seat
Redline post
DK Seatpost Clamp
Pitbull brake w/Primo cam
GT/Profile 185mm cranks
Profile 44t ripsaw sprocket
Crupi round pedals
TNT Revolvers on Araya Super 7x
Raimbow Comp III tires

Attached Thumbnails

  • a6.jpg
  • a5.jpg
  • a4.jpg
  • a3.jpg
  • a2.jpg
  • a1.jpg



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1988 White Bear Pro

Found on Ebay. All original finishes. Bike is as I received it except for the following: re-laced rear rim to SR hub included in the sale (matches front hub), replaced rear tire, replaced broken GT seat with an identical one I had, replaced Takagi OPC with Thun OPC.

FRAME/FORK- White Bear Pro
PADSET- White Bear
STEM- DK "special" pro inverted
BARS- Anlun
GRIPS- A'me rounds
BRAKES- Dia Compe MX1000 w/ tech3 lever
RIMS- Pro Class
HUBS- SR loose ball
TIRES- Mitsubishi Silver Star 1.75 rear, 2.125 front
CRANKS- Thun 180mm cro-mo
SPIDER- Pro Class
PEDALS- SR Speedtrap
SPROCKET- Pro Neck 45T
FREEWHEEL- Suntour 16T


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1994 Free Agent Limo

All original finishes except Elf decal on bars.

FRAME/FORK- Free Agent
PADSET- Free Agent frame and bar pads, Flite stem pad
STEM- DK pro inverted
BARS- Elf Blast bars
GRIPS- Jive Handles
SEAT- GT padded dropnose
SEATPOST CLAMP- GT double bolt
BRAKES- Dia Compe Big Dog w/ Tech77 lever
HUBS- DK sealed
TIRES- Primo V-Trak II 1.75 rear, 2.125 front
CRANKS- Profile 182mm
SPROCKET- Profile Ripsaw 44T
PEDALS- GT "big man"
FREEWHEEL- Suntour 16T




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here we go! 92 hawk f-20. This will be a Christmas gift for my brotha from another mother, Greg, Buddhatat2, who helped me through some really tough times at the beginning of the year and has always been there for me through the thick of it all. Depending on what the rules state, for all intents and purposes this bike is still in my possession so it will go to him as his Christmas gift when everything here is finalized (no matter how far we go!). Either way it was a big surprise that i've been gather parts for and had a blast doing it. So Merry Xmas Buddha, bro love!

Frame - Hawk F20 og finish and decals
fork - Auburn Cr fork og finish and decals
bars- DK 4 piece chrome og finish
stem- S&M redneck 1" polished out from anodize
headset- Beartrap II with DK headset lock and Lizard skin head seal
grips- Ez Jive (were nos)
lever- Tech 77
cable- tioga durocable 2.0mm black
brake- odyssey pitbull with Vg cam shaft polished out
wheels- Spin Carbon Fiber 20x1.75
seat- turbo blue sueded circa '87 (was show mounted previous to purchase)
seatclamp- Vg blue
post- generic chrome
Tires - Richey Speedmax (the folks responsible for the megabyte) with blue sidewalls
tubes- yup!
B.B.- YST looseball
chainring- hand polish mongoose tigertooth
chain- sachs-55 chain
freewheel- og shimano 16t chrome previously enjoyed
cranks- Mosh 180mm chrome OG finish made for mosh by kastan
pedals- Haro Fusion unsealed (was nos)
plate- Play (was nos see catalogue that was in the bag!)









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Nbl 49a

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Chris Moeller-Life's a Beach Advertisement circa July 1989 Bmx Action

Chris Moeller-Go Magazine circa April 1990
**To clarify this not the bike entered below for BOTY**

Chris Moeller-S&M Advertisement circa 2007'ish

Chris Moeller at the S&M 20 year Anniversary party-circa 2007

S&M Flyer-circa 1987

S&M Flyer-circa 1987'

S&M Flyer-circa 1989'ish

S&M Flyer-circa 1989-a gift directly out of Chris Moeller's collection.


For your consideration I present my S&M 25 year anniversary build

Owned and built by Stephen Arndt aka Nbl 49a

**All original finishes**

This bike is a collaboration build between Chris Moeller (the owner of S&M) and myself. I approached Chris last year about doing this build and he quickly signed on. I had Chris create a list of his favorite parts that he used during this time period and then researched each of the parts choices against all the photos I could find. Lots of emails and stories were traded and ultimately the beast below was created.

Frame: S&M Mad Dog Pro Frame (GT made) 11-90 production date #68 (original chrome) with a mix of nos and original stickers

Fork: S&M (undrilled pre-pitch) Forks (to my knowledge GT made) with nos shield stickers (original chrome)

Headset: GT Epoch Race with stamped alloy top cap spec'd w/o top nut or washer (my old headset from bitd) (chrome/silver)

Stem: (was Nos) GT pro stem (silver)

Bars: S&M Slam Bars 1st gen (original chrome)

Grips: (was Nos) first gen Jive handles (red)

Lever (was Nos) Dia Compe Tech 77 (silver/black)

Cable (was Nos) Odyssey Slic cable (black) with (was Nos) Terrycable cover (red)

Brake: (was Nos) Dia Compe MX 1000 with spring adjustment (chrome)

Brake pads: (was Nos) Kool Stop Eagle claws (grey)

Cranks: GT Power Series aluminum 180mm 88 date stamp with all og bolts and spindle. Stickers were sold to me as nos but most likely reproduction stickers

Bottom Bracket: GT Ultra Lite (original to cranks) (black)

Chainwheel: (was Nos) Tuff Neck Power Disc (silver)

Chainring: (showmounted) GT Usa stamped chainring 43 tooth 3/32" (silver)

Chainring bolts: (new) Generic alloy (black)

Chain: (showmounted) Sachs Sedis Sport 3/32" (silver and black)

Pedals: SR Speedtraps MTP-100 (sealed) with Urchin Cages (silver/black)

Freewheel: (was Nos) Shimano 16 tooth 3/32" (chrome)

Wheels: (was Nos) wheelset built by Earl Huffman

Hubs: (was Nos) GT Superlace 36 spoke first gen sealed bearings hubs (front hub sticker is an official factory reissue) (black)

Rims: (was Nos) Araya 7x (gold)

Spokes: (was Nos) Double butted spokes unsure of brand (Asahi?) (chrome)

Front Tire: (was Nos) Tioga/Mitsuboshi Comp 4 Kevlar 20.2.125" (black)

Rear Tire: (showmounted) Tioga/Mitsuboshi Comp 3 blue grey label 20x1.75" (black)

Clamp: GT 90's font single bolt (silver)

Post: (was Nos) Robinson laid back (chrome) spec'd with part of the layback cut off

Seat: Selle Italia Turbo black smooth leather 91 date code

Pads: (show mounted) S&M Made in the USA Shield Pads (white stitching)

Plate: (was Nos) UGP first gen (white/yellow)

Bashguard: Nos Kore Thrashguard (black/silver)

I wanted to thank Chris Moeller for all of his time spent helping me on this project, Jake (Spur) for his voice of reason, Ryan Partridge for all of his research, Shawn Ross who personally delivered the frame and fork to me and everyone else who helped along the way.




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Frame: late 93 S&M dirtbike o.g. decals
Fork: early S&M challenger fork
headset: beartrap II
stem: dk rounded pro
bars: S&M slam
grips: ati pistol
lever: odyssey pitbull
cable: generic 90's
seat: odyssey svelte chromoly rail
post: s&m piece o pipe og decal
clamp: odyssey rx
cranks: 2nd gen boss 180mm
pedals: peregrine sealed
cd: odyssey torque converter
sprocket: gt 44t
chain: sedis sport
wheels: 20x1.75 chrome ukai laced to sunshine unsealed with double butted stainless spokes
tires: Tioga blue/gray label 20x2.125/1.75
freewheel: suntour chrome 16t
brakes: Odyssey Pitbull black with stock odyssey pads

big thanks to Dylan and Sean at the warehouse for answering my fork question and letting shoot some cool pics.

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