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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)

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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)

Poll: SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier) (135 member(s) have cast votes)

Choose your favorite

  1. 1978 G*BOY "STOUT", by Broke L345 (34 votes [25.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 25.19%

  2. 1985 Kuwahara Nova Titlist, by QuicksilverBMX (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  3. 1986 Haro Master, by five (7 votes [5.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.19%

  4. 1985 MCS Styler, by mrminicooper (1 votes [0.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.74%

  5. Race Inc, by Barrette (1 votes [0.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.74%

  6. TWO WHEELER'S STROKER II MEAN MACHINE, by yardsale2 (2 votes [1.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.48%

  7. 1986 Dyno Compe II, by FREESTYLE FREEK (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  8. 1978 S&S Works Replica, by Larock (8 votes [5.93%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.93%

  9. 1978 DG Racer, by RipVanWinkle (17 votes [12.59%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.59%

  10. 1977 JMC SHORT #JMC 5 AC, by jmc/ace (44 votes [32.59%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.59%

  11. 1985 MCS Styler, by Hitman (1 votes [0.74%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.74%

  12. 1980 BMX PRODUCTS SUPERGOOSE, by JHD (3 votes [2.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.22%

  13. Hutch Pro Racer, by Brian P (3 votes [2.22%])

    Percentage of vote: 2.22%

  14. Scwhinn Scrambler 36 / 36, by Psycho (2 votes [1.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.48%

  15. 82 Huffy Pro Lightning Nitro, by ChulaBMXer (2 votes [1.48%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.48%

  16. Gary Littlejohn Sidehack, by Red Baron (10 votes [7.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.41%


#1 S.Brothers Posted 09 December 2010 - 04:02 AM

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~~ SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier) ~~

In addition to the above general rules for BOTY 2010, the Survivor Class has other special guidelines as follows:

Bikes eligible for participation in this class are solely: complete survivors - bikes that are just as they were at the cut off date of Dec. 31, 1995. Minor non original and realistic part changes are allowed... such as tires, maybe grips... suppose an otherwise complete survivor was found with all original 25 or 30 year old parts, except a seat that was much later, or something like that. Bringing one or maybe two small accessories back to "era correct alignment with the rest of the build is acceptable. Please don't over do it. Please have integrity and honor the spirit of the survivor class. No refinished (powder/paint/anodizing/chrome etc.) parts and absolutely nothing repopped, i.e. no reproduction pads or stickers.

Any bike in this category ought to have parts that fall in their entirety within a 5 year period of era correctness. In other words... an 80 survivor should have no part later than 85 on it. This provision is made in order to accommodate the fact that people might realistically have kept a bike but added upgrades over the years.

A NOTE ON THE RULE CHANGE IMPLEMENTED IN 2009: At one time, we allowed more latitude with the definition of survivor so that even "survivor builds" were allowed. At this point, we seem to have enough true survivor bikes of great quality that we can drop this concession. Please put "survivor builds" made from all original parts in to the appropriate bike and era class. Duly note the status of your OG parts. The true connoisseurs will no doubt reward you with appreciation.

2010 Addendum:
Life time owners can enter their survivors as long as they meet these conditions:

1) the bike meets all the other criteria of the survivor class
2) the bike has never been entered in the BOTY in previous years
* life time owners will be defined as 20 or more years of ownership for a bike from the 70's or 80's.

#2 broke L345 Posted 10 December 2010 - 01:19 AM

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This bike was found on Craigs list in Wisconsin USA earlier this year, I was lucky enough to become the recipient.I have changed nothing on this bike aside from the tires and given it a clean up. When Craig (vettefan) posted me about this bike, he kept raving about the condition of it. from the before pics ,which was what I had, it looked pretty rough to me with a lot of oxidisation. it was devided into two packs to post when the first pack got to me, I was shocked to see that what I thought was oxidisation was a nice protective film of oil and dust.



hope you like her..............

1978 G*BOY "STOUT" survivor
serial # 78 1514








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#3 QuicksilverBMX Posted 11 December 2010 - 05:59 AM

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1985 Kuwahara Nova Titlist
Heres one to make up the numbers. I have had this bike sometime but havent really made much of a fuss about it. Back in 2006 me and waza cleaned out a local bike shop. While he was crawling through the roof I was digging through this pile of old repairs. Once I dug through to the wall I find a row of 80's bmx and family bikes which had been stored since the 80's but never made the shop floor! To my surprise I found this complete with 20+ years of dust. I bought it home and took pics of it exactly as I found it. All I had to do was install the pedals, pump the tyres up, install a chain and wipe off the dust. The tyres even have the flat spot where they had been sitting all that time!

1985 Kuwahara Nova Titlist
Kuwahara bars
Kuwahara stem
Kuwahara padset
Kuwahara seat pole
Kuwahara seat
Kuwahara chainring
Araya 7x
Joytech hubs
Cheng shin comp 3's
Ame tri grips
Victor pedals
unamed cranks
unamed seatclamp
Dia compe MX901 brakes and tech 3 lever

Attached Thumbnails

  • IMG_0831.jpg
  • IMG_0834.jpg
  • IMG_0833.jpg
  • IMG_1669.JPG
  • IMG_1670.JPG

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#4 five Posted 11 December 2010 - 06:25 PM

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1986 Haro Master Survivor

The first freestyle bike I ever saw was an 86 Haro Master in Green. I remember it because I had never seen freestyle before, and I was wondering what all those standers were... needless to say, I was amazed, and became obsessed with Haro, and freestyle from then on. Though my heart is with most of the 87/88 freestyle bikes, this was the one that I saw first. Love the wear on the forks near the forkstanders, DK stem Lock, the more rare tapered 86 Haro Bars, and the beautiful Haro Group 1 Cranks. I bought this from its original owner this year, and have kept it pretty much the way I got it. I've only replaced the grips, cables, pedals and brake pads. Very cool 1986 Haro Ramp Riders decal that was put on there in 86 at a contest in Minneapolis. This bike was purchased at a local bike shop in MN, and will stay in MN for the rest of it's life. I'm very proud to own this.

Frame - 86 Haro Master
Fork - 86 Haro Master
Fork Standers - 86 Haro Master (Anlun)
Bars - 86 Haro (Tapered)
Stem - Haro Group 1
Headset - Hatta
Headset Lock - DK
Levers - Dia Compe Tech 5
Grips - Odi Signature (Ron Wilkerson)
Brakes - Dia Compe Nippon
Seat - Dominator
Seat Post - 85/86 Haro Fluted
Seat Post Clamp - Dia Compe Hinged (Stamped DC)
Cranks - Haro Group 1 (Original Decals)
Pedals - Victor (Replaced, when I received the bike, it had no pedals)
Wheels - Ukai made Peregrine 48's (Stamped Ukai)
Tires - Tioga Comp ST

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  • 274.JPG
  • 275.JPG
  • 276.JPG
  • 277.JPG
  • 278.JPG
  • 279.JPG

#5 mrminicooper Posted 11 December 2010 - 07:55 PM

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1985 MCS Styler

1985 MCS styler: I Built it up from a new frame and fork in 1985 that my father purchased for my birthday in May 1985, It was the last item that he had bought for me before loseing his battle to canser in November of 1985, and it has been stored in my basement sence around 86-87. the only non period part is the crank set wich I replaced aboutabout 7 years ago to enter it in a local show. The original crank set was CW and some how back in the day I removed the non chainwheel crank arm (dont ask me why?) and lost it D'OH. The only other work was cleaning with 4aut steel whool and mequires quick detailer.

Equipment list

• 1985 MCS Styler Frame and Fork
• MCS Styler Gooseneck and Standing Bars
• Peregrine Master Graphite composite wheels W- Suntour 16t Freewheel
• Knarler Knobby Tires
• CAI 1700mm Alloy Crank Set W -VP Beartrap pedals and Suntour 44T Ring gear
• Original CW Cromolly Crank W- Shimano DX Pedal (Chaiwheel side only)
• Bull’s-eye Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket
• Viscount DYNA Seat W- S Seat Post and TIOGA Seat Post Clamp
• Dia-Compe MX Caliper and Lever W- TERRYCABLE Brake cable W-Cover
• GT Front Wheel Pegs


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#6 barrette Posted 11 December 2010 - 08:54 PM

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This is one of my favorite survivors! A Race inc. in red/gold! This bike was brought to
me from a old school racer(forgot his name)but, it was stashed in a closet for the last
25+ years... I purchased the bike and it is now part of Patriot bicycles BMX display.


Red race inc. alloy frame
red race inc. cromo fork
gold race inc. bars
chrome race inc. cromo post
gold araya 7x w/ red bulseye hubs
red bulseye sealed b.b.
yellow snake belly tires
Gold suntour stem, seat clamp,headlock
red suntour "reedy style" sealed pedals
gold suntour cranks
gold mx 1000 brake set
red oakley 3's
suntour 16t freewheel
red flite pads
yellow saddle
tange headset

it needs a new rear 20" snake belly tire! but, otherwise it looks like off
the showroom floor!!!PC111518.JPG

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  • PC111516.JPG
  • PC111517.JPG

#7 yardsale2 Posted 13 December 2010 - 01:13 AM

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Well here she is in all her Two wheeler glory I think it is a 1975-76 Two wheeler Stroker II Mean Machine in OG orange with all OG old stickers intact plus some real cool and old Redline,BMX Products list is

Frame:Two wheeler's Square Tubes OG finish


Bars:Two Wheeler's stock Box Bars "with OG sticker" Hunt Wild grips



Rims:Coustom made 56 spoke Araya S-2's

Hubs:F:1974 ACS 56 Spoke R:56 Spoke Bendix

Crank arms:Ashtabula



Pedals:Not sure they read Made in France


Seat:Qulited Padded

I think Post and clamp are OG They sure look it

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  • CIMG0552.JPG
  • CIMG0546.JPG
  • CIMG0555.JPG
  • CIMG0556.JPG
  • CIMG0554.JPG

#8 FREESTYLE FREEK Posted 13 December 2010 - 08:14 PM

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I am the thired owner of this all stock exept Dyno Drain pipe. I took out the GT for a Gt build but other than that and fresh greas it exactly how I got it

1986 Dyno Compe II

will post more pics. if I can fig it out keeps saying file to big!

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  • Dyno II.jpg
  • 1Dyno0055.jpg
  • 1Dyno004#3.jpg
  • 1Dyno002#4.jpg
  • 1Dyno001#6.jpg

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#9 Larock Posted 16 December 2010 - 03:37 AM

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1978 S&S Works Replica

Black Vinyl Frame Pad
S&S 9" Pro Bars
Black Vinyl Bar Pad
Tuf Neck Stem
Tuf Neck Stem Pad
Oakley Grips
Tange Headset
Dia Compe 890 Brake
Dia Compe Lever
Araya 7C Rims
High Flange Sunshime Hubs
Tioga Comp II Yellow/Blackwall front tire 20 x 2.125
Raleigh BMX Racer blackwall rear tire 20 x 1.75
Super Maxy Cranks 170mm
Sugino 44t Chainring
KKT Lightning Pedals
Kashimax MX Seat
Gold Fluted Seat Post
Tuf Neck Seat Post Clamp

This bike is as I found it with the exception of the grips & tires. I bought the bike from the original owner who received the bike from the owner of S&S. The grips were new mountain bike grips and the tires were Comp III knock offs. All of the other finishes and items are 100% original to the bike. I also have the original owners manual that came with the bike

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  • DEC_0246.JPG
  • DEC_0249.JPG
  • DEC_0254.JPG
  • DEC_0251.JPG
  • DEC_0311.JPG

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#10 RipVanWinkle Posted 16 December 2010 - 08:39 PM

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1978 DG Racer

I just got this bike a few months ago from an old friend who I didn't even know rode BMX. As it turns out Tom Lischmann had just moved to Minnesota in 1979, the same year I had moved to Minnesota from California. Tom quit racing BMX when he moved here, went punk rock, played in a band called Irenic Regime and the Magnolias.

Frame Fork: DG
Bars: Gold?
Grips: DG [Used Added old grips melted]
Stem: SR
Plate: Hunt Wild [Used added]
Seat: Kashimax Diamond [used Added old seat was broken]
Seat Post: Fluted
Seat Clamp: Tuf Neck
Cranks: Ashtabula
Chainring: Takagi MX
Pedals: KKT K MX
Chain: ?
Tire Rear: NTKK Motocross [replaced blown out yellow Cycle pro]
Tire Front: Cheng
Rims: Araya C Gold
Front Hub: Sunshine
Rear Hub: Takagi coaster converted to freewheel
Brake: weinmann Type 1020
Brake Lever: weinmann

Tom Lischmann

#11 jmc/ace Posted 16 December 2010 - 09:34 PM

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My name is Adam Cox, I have owned this bike since it was new and I was present when it was fabricated at JM cyclery in April of 1977 by Jim Melton, Larry Barker(Prodyne) and George Aerheart. It is the 5th JMC production frame built. The serial # was stamped on the bottom bracket by me after the welding was completed. The "AC" that follows the "JMC 5" are my initials.

The hand brush lettering on the frame and number plate were done by Jim Melton's son, Dave "Pete" Melton (R.I.P.) in the summer of 1977 while he was out for a visit. He also did a helmet and visor for me and Harry Leary at the time. We had our own "Von Dutch" in house! I still have what's left of the visor, it reads, "PINEAPPLE EXPRESS", I'm Hawaiian....

The forks are Two Wheeler pro forks. They were a gift from Marshall Wheeler prior to being released to the public. In 1977 JMC only produced frames and bike stands. We didn't produce forks until 1978.

The JMC bike stand is the original stand that has always been with this bike.

JMC 5 AC was disassembled and stored by my father in late 1978 when I moved up to a JMC long frame, JMC 21, which I also still have.

The Araya 7B rims, though they appear new, were built by me in 1978. I put 1 race on them before switching to C&G Super Pro's with Bullseye hubs, courtesy of Everything Bicycles.

The Grips and tires are what I originally ran on the bike back in 1977 although they are NOS and were purchased within the last 10 years.

This is the same bike I am racing in my avatar to the left. The shot was taken at La Mirada in 1977. I'm also wearing the Premier helmet and Preston Petty visor that Jim's son painted for me.

This bike is like a best friend or family member to me. It has been with me for 33+ years. It is truely a time machine that represents family, friends, travel and some of the best times and experiences of my life. If only it could talk, the stories it could tell..... :cheers:

Frame: JMC Short #JMC5AC (original paint and decals)
fork: Two Wheeler Pro (JMC didn't make forks at this time)
Bars: FMF gold bars (JMC didn't make bars at this time)
Stem: Superbyke Tuf-Neck 3rd gen.
seat: Unicanitor
Post: 6061 Aluminum tubing. (JMC didn't make posts at this time)
Post clamp: Generic steel
cranks: Shimano Dura-Ace
BB: Teledyne titanium spindle, Sugino cups, Campagnolo balls
pedals: Union
chain ring: Addicks 1st gen.
chain: HKK
Freewheel: Regina
Rims: Araya 7B 1st gen.
Hubs: Campagnolo Record, high flange, track axles.
Spokes: 60/80 gage chrome
Brakes: Dia Compe
Brake pads: Mathauser
Grips: Preston Petty G.P.
Tires: Raleigh Red Dot (JMC secret weapon)
Pads: Orig. vinyl
Stand: JMC Pit Stand (original paint & decals)
Decals: All decals are Original to the bike and stand: 1st gen. JMC chrome shields, 1st gen. JMC/BMX, 1st gen. JM Cyclery chrome shop decals,'77 Mongoose Grand National participant decal, "Don't mess with it" decal(Harry had the X rated version), Orig. Bill Walters Leathers decal on frame pad.(the first team leathers were BW's), 1st gen. LRV prism. My friend Todd Denind rode for LRV and use to slap stickers on my bike when I wasn't looking.....

jmc5boty2.jpg jmc5boty3.jpg jmc5boty1.jpg jmc5boty4.jpg jmc5boty5.jpg jmc5boty6.jpg jmc5boty7.jpg
JM with JMC5 2.jpg
My old Boss Jim Melton in '03 or '04 checkin' out some of his handy work from the first days....
This shot was taken at Western Sports Arama in '77, it was my first race as a factory rider. Jim's son lettered my name on the front of that helmet weeks before painting the one in my avatar. I still have the helmet that is in this picture and the jersey. My dad layed out the graphics on this helmet and ironically it looks alot like the JMC team helmets that were later the standard.

#12 Hitman Posted 17 December 2010 - 09:39 PM

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1985 MCS Styler

I purchased this bike from the original owner who, with the help of his parents, custom built it in 1985. He rode it until 1988, then it was stored at his parents until he bought a house of his own. After a further ten years of storage, he decided to sell.

It is such a nice survivor, that I decided not to wash and polish it previous to B.O.T.Y. . Real 1988 dirt !!!

Frame: MCS Styler ( original finish and decals )
Fork: MCS Styler ( original finish and decals )
Handlebars: Stylizer
Stem: Tuf Neck
Rotor: ACS
Brakes: Dia-Compe
Levers: Dia-Compe
Pads: Skyway
Grips: AME
Wheels: ACS Z-Rims with unknown hubs and spokes
Cranks: Unknown
Spider: Sugino A5
Sprocket: Suntour
Pedals: HTI-853
Chain: Unknown
Seat Post: Odyssey
Seat Clamp: Dia-Compe
Seat: Tioga FS
Tires: Comp ST

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  • DSC03008.jpg
  • DSC03021.jpg
  • DSC03023.jpg
  • DSC03012.jpg
  • DSC03014.jpg
  • DSC03018.jpg
  • DSC03025.jpg
  • DSC03028.jpg

#13 JHD Posted 18 December 2010 - 05:24 PM

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1980 Mongoose nickel frame

Bike is as found with the addition of the quilted seat to complete the bike this year.

OG Chen Sheng Knobbys
Araya hoops with shimano hubs
Shimano Tourney brake set

Mongoose Stamped Parts:
Quilted seat
Stainless steel seat post
Reflector bracket w/reflector
Chrome seat clamp
Bottom bracket and headset
Crank set and chain ring
Stainless steel bars
Gold Stem

Attached Thumbnails

  • SG_1.JPG
  • SG_2.JPG
  • SG_3.JPG
  • SG_4.JPG
  • SG_5.JPG
  • SG_6.JPG
  • SG_7.JPG
  • SG_8.JPG
  • SG_9.JPG
  • SG_10.JPG

#14 Brian P Posted 18 December 2010 - 11:59 PM

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hutch pro racer





f/f - hutch pro racer

headset - tange

stem - tuf-neck

bars - hutch pro

grips - ame

seatclamp - acs

seatpost - gt

seat - shotgun 2

cranks - takagi

chainwheel - sugino

wheels - ukai/suzue

tires - comp3

brakes - mx1000

recieved as a pure survivor only thing im unsure about on this is the tires, they may have been swapped out prior to me getting it, but they are just as worn as the other parts of the bike

#15 psycho Posted 19 December 2010 - 01:18 AM

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Schwinn scrambler 36/36

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin i dreamed of the California sun and bmx tracks. In the summer of 81 i was able to buy a used Schwinn scrambler 36/36 from my neighbor. After riding nothing but broken down huffy's and other crap i was in heaven with the Schwinn. Fast forward to 99, i got the internet and discovered I still had the old 36/36 and felt i should restore it. Long story short it never happened and i ended up misplacing it. So after years of stingrays and all the bmx i wanted from the heyday i decided to find a very nice survivor 36/36. Much to my suprise it didn't take but one phone call and some small talk with Craig aka "vettefan" who had this in his basement.

So here's my entry, a bone stock Cardinal red 36/36 just like i had back in 81. This thing must never had been ridden. Even has the damn reflectors on it. Bike is bone stock and is presented in it's all og form. It may not be much but means the world to me. My journey from dreaming of California and bmx will come full circle next June when i attend the show in Bellflower

Attached Thumbnails

  • 1980scrambler3636 004.jpg
  • 1980scrambler3636 001.jpg
  • 1980scrambler3636 003.jpg
  • 1980scrambler3636 006.jpg
  • 1980scrambler3636 007.jpg
  • 1980scrambler3636 005.jpg

#16 ChulaBMXer Posted 19 December 2010 - 04:20 AM

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82 Huffy Pro Lightning Nitro
Only the grips and tires have been replaced, as the ones which were on the bike were not correct but had been on the bike for a while. They were replaced with what whould have been originally on the bike. Only the chain and pedals are not original. The chain is an Izumi which was also on the bike. The pedals were also on the bike and are labeled on the end caps, Officially Licensed Product of the National Bicycle League. Everything else is original. Nothing has been refinished, it was only wiped down as I like the patina it has as is.

It was missing the chaingaurd (I wonder why) and would have been near impossible to replace, so a big THANK YOU to Bmx Bandit for hooking me up with it. The chaingaurd is the correct Huffy one which would have been on the bike in 82.

This is the bike I dreamt about as a kid. I remember sitting on it at Kmart, hoping I could take it home. It never happened. I also remember cutting the picture out from the their ad flyer and keeping it, which is likely in my mom’s house somewhere. I just love the look of the bike. The shape of the tubing, the semi-flat finish and decals. The number plate with the bolt through it (go Chargers! lol). And you can never go wrong with the black and gold combo.

I waited a long time for one to come up for sale and was not expecting it in this condition.

Yes, it is a Huffy but it was well equiped, especially for 1982.
The following are a few highlights.

Teardrop-shaped tube frame and forks – original paint and decals, down to the warning decal on the seat post clamp
Araya Aero rims with knock-off snakebellies
V-bar handlebars with double-clamp stem
AME tri’s
Zeronine number plate
Dia Compe 890’s front and rear
Troxel seat
California Lite pad set

DSC05319.JPG DSC05322.JPG DSC05323.JPG DSC05324.JPG

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#17 Red Baron Posted 19 December 2010 - 07:09 AM

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My original sidehack has been hanging in the rafters (in pieces) for 30+ years. I put it together this summer to share at the Bellflower Society Show. The only thing that has changed since my last race in the 70s is the grips. (they melted off in the rafters)

Frame; Gary Littlejohn (original chrome finish)
Hack; Gary Littlejohn (original finish was black, I painted it red soon after I got it)
Forks; Cook Brothers (originan chrome finish)
Rear wheel guard; custom made steel (original finish)
Cranks; Ashtabula 7 1/2" stamped (original finish)
Sprocket; Takagi (original finish)
Pedals; KKT (original finish)
Toe clip; unknown
Chain; unknown
Wheels; 1st generation Motomags
Hack Wheel; Araya steel, 120 guage spokes, Made in Japan 'Chair' hub (original finish)
Tires; front-Carlisle Agressor (with original chain wrap to hold it on the rim)
.........rear-Cheng Chen 2.125
.........hack-Cheng Chen 2.50
Seat & seatpost; Cook Brothers (loaf seat, leather cover done by Robert Fehds dad
in 1975)
Seat post clamp; generic steel (original finish)
Rear set strut; unknown (original finish)
Bars; Two Wheelers (original chrome finish)
Grips; Oury (replaced recently)
Stem; 1st generation Cook Brothers (original finish)

Here is a picture of me and (one time monkey) Jeff Gingrich at my last hack race in early 1978.


Here it now...

Resized for Society.jpg

Hack 2010 (1).JPG

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